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We operate with high quality training partners around the world in the best locations, with our unique "International System" Offering unique training, education, certification and diving experience programs.


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Swimming - Snorkeling - Free Diving

From learning to swim to snorkeling and free-diving plus surface rescue and recovery for resort, life-guards and pool staff in hotels etc. More...

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Learn to Scuba

Day Courses - Open Water

ITDA experience diving programs and day courses, learn to dive from no experience to International Open Water Certification to dive anywhere in the world...

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Advanced Diving

Deep Air - Decompression

Advanced Scuba Certifications are another unique first in our Industry, as most agencies offer only very limited training and certification in advanced diving.  More...

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Pro Guide - Entry Level Instructor

Upgrade options can be included in the Dive Leader Certification or may be added later as training modules... Crossovers and upgrade paths, any agency, are welcome. More...

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Technical Diving

From Novice to professional

ITDA are technical diver training specialists from our formation in 1998 as the ETDA European Technical Diving Agency we have developed / progressed technical diving in 60+ Countries... More...

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Technical Specialist

CCR / Cave / Deep / Rescue +More

Technical Specialist Diver has three (3) Distinct levels: Level 1 Introduction. Level 2 Intermediate Tech Specialist Diver Certification. We also offer "Unique" Advanced Specialist Certifications, More...

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Instructor Training

Instructor Assessor - Trainer+

Our NEW Dynamic ITP Instructor Training Program(s) "Scuba-Professional" from ITDA HQ. Developed to meet the changing global needs of divers worldwide. More...

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First Aid Training

Training & Certification

From CPR-BLS (Basic Life Support) - Oxygen first aid and AED / DEA Defib first aid. Plus first responder (FOS) and sports first-aid / first-aid at work and More...

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Any recognised training agency, national association or federation - does not need to be WRSTC or RSTC / EUF. (Although these are accepted of course!) Are welcome...

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All Training Agencies are NOT equal...


There are many scuba diving training and certification agencies around the world (over 100+) and many are national federations and club systems, with many International larger agencies offering various training options.

Only ITDA offer training and certifications that cover the whole diving industry.

Sports Scuba Diving - First Aid Training - Technical Diving - Professional Diving

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COVID-19 Response

covid19ITDA like many businesses are offering help and advice based on WHO and CDC recommendations. Plus Offers...  More Here!




Mobile App Partner

deepbluWe partnered with to offer our members a unique FREE experience with an App that offers both an e-logbook and verification service. More...




Certification Process

certSee how we base our unique certification criteria to assess and evaluate skills and academic studies for certification. More...




Training Workshops

We have launched in 2020 our new training workshops for dive professionals to offer support, training and more in;

Sales - Marketing - Management - Retail plus - Upgrades - Assessor Programs



As we have over 22 years experience growing our business from zero in 1998 to now operating in 61+ Countries. We have made mistakes.  You could benefit from!

Sales - Marketing - Management - Training

See what we have learned.


Higher Education

The ITDA integrated our partner UK business the ICoD International College of Diving into ITDA in 2019 and now offer Diploma programs in Higher Education.

ITDA Academy link...

ITDA Academy - On-line Education

certWe offer a unique franchise opportunity to own and operate a certification agency and share in our global success!. 

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ITDA Academy Web siteHigher Education for Diving
Certificate - Diploma+

ITDA International Club System

ITDA offer our unique "Club System" which has the same International standards as all ITDA Training and Certification programs and are interchangeable with our core standards and therefore offer the same International recognition and acceptance. Share the adventure with friends and family...

Unique ITDA Membership Opportunities for all divers from any agency!

Open Water Diver Course NOW ONLINE link here!:

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ITDA Club Diver

Our Club System is great for learning to dive when you have no access to dive sites but have access to a swimming pool. Later you can certify at a Dive resort to fit in with your vacation.  Link...

ITDA Rescue Diver

Divers from any agency may complete our extensive "Rescue Diver Program" in a club or a resort environment. You need only be an Open Water Diver with 10 Open Water Dives to qualify. Also Advanced Rescue Link...

Cold Water Diving

We also have a range of Dry-Suit training program options from basic to advanced, with rescue and recovery skills in cold water.   Link...

Technical Diving

Our Cold Water Programs are suitable for Technical Dry Suit Diving, with higher skills and theory knowledge required from our Divers.   Link...

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ITDA Divepro®

diveproWe offer a unique franchise opportunity to own and operate your own diver training and certification agency, under a partnership license agreement with ITDA HQ and share in our future global success!.   

Non-Diving - Scuba - Advanced - TechnicalFirst Aid - Professional

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