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Not all training agencies are equal and because we understand YOU have a choice. 

ITDA are the 1st. choice for diver and First Aid - International certification programs worldwide.

Diver and First Aid Certifications

We are a "Membership Based System" and unique in the diving Industry...

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Learn to Swim / Snorkel

Swimming to snorkelling / Entry Scuba

ITDA offers training and certification to International Standards in learning to swim / snorkelling, Scuba Day Courses / Experience.   

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First aid training

From cpr to dive medic and beyond

Rescue self and buddy are the backbone of training in our System with IHMP for First Aid and Medical. 

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From zero to hero

Scuba certification open water

From basic entry programs to full Scuba Open Water Certification. Your first stop to developing a safe and fun hobby in diving.  

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Advanced and Specialist diving

Advanced in our unique system offers, three (3) levels. 1. Intro - 2. Intermediate and 3. Advanced/Specialist.   

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technical training

From Nitrox (deco) to mixed gas trimix

From Nitrox, to Specialist Tech Diver in CCR / CAVE / Trimix / Deco Diving to Tech Leadership/ Pro.

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Dive leader to entry level instructor

Our levels are world beaters with, Assist/Pro-Guide Entry Level Pro / Club / IHMP Instructor. 

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ITDA Membership

Open to divers from any agency or experience level.

Membership is open to all ITDA or IHMP Certifications / Graduates

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New ITDA/IHMP Membership Constitution for members to have a say in how we run our operations... And get input from Industry divers and Professionals about what they want from their training agency!!!

Why choose itda?

For those who know us this is a non question as we offer, Higher Training standards, More Theory, including decompression from Open Water level, plus we offer more actual dives which means more experience...          See Compare us page for more!

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Regional Partners

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Your agency

As the ITDA are membership based this means that every member is a part of ITDA and can be involved in the development of the business.  Learn more!


training partners

We have a totally unique marketing position in the world of diving. As we do not allow / permit ITDA Partners to compete against each other.  Learn more!


Fast e-certifications

We normally process e-certifications within the first 24 hours of receiving applications and we allow students / divers to register themselves.  Learn More!


Training materials

We have a policy of updating training materials dynamically to meet standards changes or at least every 3 years...  We have Great Materials!

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Membership levels exist from as little as $10 USD per month and offer many benefits at each level for both divers and professionals.

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ITDA Academy

ITDA has a higher education e-learning academy for the diving industry, offering; Certificate and Diploma programs (degree course in Dev.) 

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ITDA Upgrade Systems

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Instructor training & Crossovers

ITDA Instructor training is second to none in the Industry with higher training standards skill, performance and theory...

We also welcome crossovers from like minded professionals... 

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ITDA Instructor Training Program

ITDA Open water Instructor / Nitrox Instructor and IHMP First Aid / Diving First Aid Instructor are all included levels in our unique and Fun ITP. From just €899 for 5 day leadership upgrade (Europe)

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Leadership Crossover to ITDA

ITDA Dive Leaders can use our crossover system to "Upgrade Status", and take our "Club Instructor" and / or IHMP Diving First Aid Instructor, From just €799 for leadership upgrade (Europe) and more+.

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Scuba Instructor Crossover

Instructors from any agency may cross over to us and maintain an equal status, plus they may upgrade to higher professional levels and teach, train, certify our workshop programs. (As qualified?) Crossover from just $25 USD per month.

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Technical Crossover

Technical divers may also crossover to us at equal status and consider upgrading their certification levels and maybe even look at specialist or leadership / instructor? From just $20 USD per month or Europe 5 day upgrade course from €599.

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academyHigher Education from ITDA - ITDA Academy Online...

Certificate and Diploma programs, plus a foundation and degree in diving education in development. We are actively looking for academic partners... -      We pay a % on commissions on referrals... for our instructors and members.  membership sign up here!

Work with us

Join ITDA or IHMP and work with from as early as tomorrow for a very small monthly fee...

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