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ITDA® Group International serving the diving Industry since 1998 and the ONLY agency, offering unique programs across the whole industry...
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Non-Diving - Swimming - Snorkelling - Surface Rescue
Sports Scuba - Advanced - Leadership - Technical - First-Aid - Occupational - Professional


ITDA Group International - 60 Countries and Expanding daily...
UK - Europe - Middle-East - Asia - USA - Africa - S.America - Scandinavia - Australasia

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Swimming / Snorkelling

Our training and certification programs begin with our Non-Diving programs, for anyone from 8 years to 80+

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Learn to Scuba


ITDA Entry level scuba programs can suit everyone looking for a formal certification to dive and progress...

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Advanced Diving

More challenge / more rewards

ITDA Advanced diving is more challenging and more rewarding, 3 Levels in 60 Specialist certifications. 

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First Aid / Medical

Certification diving/non-diving

From CPR First-Aid, to Oxygen First-Aid, Diving Accident Prevention and Treatments, Dive Medic, Hyperbaric etc.  

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Technical Diving

More challenge - More reward!

ITDA Technical diving is more of a challenge and even more rewarding, with technical Specialist certifications.

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More Choices / More opportunities

Our Leader is different from most, as they can do so much more. Supervisor, Dive Pro, Specialist Instructor.

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Occupational Diving

Diving for work or at work

ITDA has specialist professional diver programs for Construction, UW Welding, ROV, NDT/Inspection, Supervisor and much more.

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Instructor Training

Become an ITDA Professional

ITDA Instructor / Diving Professional levels from entry level to Assessor Examiner, plus specialist instructor and trainer assessor ratings...

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Higher Education

Certificate and Diploma in Diving

Certificate and Diploma in Diving, Cert and Diploma in Diving Education and New degree options for experienced diving professionals... 

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Training and Certification

We are very different from the majority of training agencies as amonst our unique benefits we can offer "Upgrades" at various levels with recognition for previous education (Prior Learning credits), training and experience and much more!
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The ITDA Philosophy is based on our firm belief that scuba training should be about producing fully competent divers.

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Our certification process is based on three principles, 1.Comfort. 2.Competence. 3.Confidence. And more actual training dives.   

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Unique Training

Our training is based on two factors, 1. Industry Best Practice (i.e. Standards) 2. ITDA International Standards, which are higher.

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About Our Services

ITDA and ITDA Group International offer unique Industry services and support and covering 60 Countries... See ITDA International Services to find ITDA partners around the world...

Training Support

In addition to our training in Diving and First-Aid we also offer support and full service training in dive management...

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App Development

We have a partnership with Deepblu for their amazing application which offers "Social Media" and so much more...

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Interactive Training

We have upgraded many of our training materials to HTML5 and Flipbook / Flash Formats to offer Interactive tools...

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workshopNew ITDA Workshops

With training and certifications in "Diving Management", Project Management, Health and Safety, Sales and Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more... Seminars and Workshops...

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More than a Training Agency...

ITDA Offers so much more than most training and certification agencies with our established "International Club System" and "Marketing Support" programs and even Higher Education. Plus Much More! 
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International Club System

The ITDA Club System follows the same high standards as ITDA,  therefore certifications are interchangeable.

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ITDA Club Instructor

ITDA Club Instructor may be an Upgrade from ITDA Dive Leader, under supervision of an ITDA Open Water Instructor.

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Marketing Support

We offer a unique package of materials, training, support and marketing for our training partners. Learn More!...

Regional Dive Shows

ITDA management has set-up and attended dive shows around the world and has a wealth of experience to share with our partners.

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academyITDA Dive Academy

 Higher Education in Diving

ITDA have taken over the operation of the ICoD International College of Diving and can offer a range of higher education programs and equal experience, prior learning credits and qualifications...

Certificate and Diploma in Diving, Cert and Diploma in Diving Education and degree options...

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