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             NOTE:  The UK Business: International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA) Europe Ltd is no longer trading. Contact us at admin@diveitda.com for more info...Stephen Craig-Murray and Georgina Craig-Murray are no longer associated with the UK Company and have stepped down as Directors.



We meet and exceed International standards for: Free-Diving, Snorkelling, Swimming and a number of "Dry Diving Programs", like: Equipment Specialist and Decompresion Theory programs, First-Aid, plus many more...

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Learn to Scuba DiveOpen-Water

Entry-Level to Professional

From experience level programs and Day Courses, leading to International certifications and our unique Scuba Open Water Diver, certification and offering: More Skills Training, More actual Open-Water Dives (6) and more theory than many other agencies.

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Technical Diving tech-diving


ITDA began back in 1998 as a technical diver training agency, and now we operate in 60+ Countries, offering all levels of diver training and certifications to International standards; Trimix / Nitrox / Cave / CCR / Wreck / Extended Range / Deep Diving etc.

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First-Aid Trainingfirst-aid


IHMP "International Hyperbaric Medical Programs", has been our first-aid and medical training division since 1998. And covers training and certification to International standards and also programs for commercial and occupational divers.

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ITDA Training

ordinary to ex·traor·di·nar·y

ITDA offer a unique and exceptional process for certifications in diving, covering: Sports Scuba Diving, Technical Diving, Professional diving, Occupational diving and First Aid training for divers and courses for non-divers.

buddiesITDA training has been surveyed by its membership and thebc_flag graph on the side here explains the results in a graphical easy to understand format.

Covering: Overall Satisfaction with training and materials, Average Theory pass rates and average skills pass rates.  Plus, our "2017 Safety Record",

  • Safety Record - Number of serious accidents or fatalities in 2017
  • Theory Passes - Number of students passing grade
  • Skills Passes - Number of students passing assessments
  • CBT Passes - On-line program passes average
  • Satisfaction - Overall level of student response


ITDA On-line Training and Programs in-Development!

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Proven Results

with your help

Safety Record 100%
Theory Passes  97%
Skills Passes 97%
Pro Passes  96%
Satisfaction  99%
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Great ITDA Features

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See what's new with our Portal Website. Chocked full of new features, components and course admin, saving you time!
Including our new on-line materials!  Saving you more money!

New Materials

e-books and HTML5

diverWe have developed NEW training programs in NEW formats with active support and offering .PDF e-books, FlipBook as Flash and HTML5 for Mobile devices; Smart Phones and Tablets with support for IOS, Android and Windows etc. Learn More Here!

Instructor Courses

2018/19 New Pro Levels

instructorWe have been developing and evolving our Instructor Programs since 1998. From 2017 we launched a New Instructor Course Program "ICP". Based on our award winning Instructor Training Program.  Learn More Here!


Franchise Divepro

diveproIn standing with our "ITDA" philosophy of Innovation and constant striving to make our programs better value for money. We have from 2017 launched "Divepro®". ITDA Franchise offering partners a share in our success.   Learn More Here!


Updated 2018


scubaWe have updated all ITDA and our IHMP First-Aid and Medical Training Programs, with many new courses and new quizzes and new on-line programs with commissions paid to our professionals when students buy on-line.  Learn More Here!

Branded Goods

More Profits for Partners

poloNew ITDA Branded Goods and Marketing Materials, for 2018. Plus a full range of supporting clothing products. Our training partners and Instructors may be offered discounts and commissions from 15% to 33%...   Learn More Here!



standardsITDA and IHMP Training is being constantly reviewed by our training board and standards compliance committee, with GDPR, UK and European Law. Also Industry standards ISO. ANSI/EN.etc. Learn More Here!

ITDA Services

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See what's new with our Portal Website. Full of new features, components and course admin, saving you time!
Including our new on-line materials!  Saving you more money!

Our Services


We work closely with our training partners to help them to find the best possible marketing solutions to gain customers both locally and also arranging dive tours and groups with our own travel business. www.itdatravel.com and our unique web hosting service www.itdahost.com

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Our Services


We offer the highest levels of training support in our industry with regional and local partners who are invested in the success of ITDA locally with language support, Sales, Marketing and management support. Special Offers Link Here!

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Our Services

CRM Dev.

ITDA CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems are provided by our IT Partner "Swiftpages (ACT!)". From 2018 we are offering our training partners and members/divers more web options for registration and processing of Certifications. +Our App with deepblu...

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Our Services


ITDA also offers our unique "Membership" service program to all ITDA and IHMP Graduates, anyone completing and passing an ITDA or IHMP training course to certification may apply for FREE!

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One Small Team

With Great BIG Talent!

See what's new with our Portal Website. Chock full of new features, components and course admin, saving you time!
Including our new on-line materials!  Saving you more money!


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