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We are reducing the amount of admin required by both our professionals, training partners and our students / divers by allowing on-line forms to be completed and sent ahead of training or from completed diving programs. Saving you time so that you can spend more time in the water having fun...

Admin Forms Services

Below is  a list of admin functions and forms that maybe completed using our web services with active links... Forms Listing - Certification Registration for ITDA / SDA and IHMP

Lingua / Language Support: Diver Registration online (普通話/Chinese) / Diver Registration online (Español) Diver Registration online (Norge)

Our simple objective in ITDA Group Administration Services, is to make the lives of our Members, much less busy with Admin and more focused and what you do best, training, teaching and certifying divers or running IHMP First-Aid courses etc... In order to meet the above objective we have created a number of simple administration processes that are student focused and not instructor led.

The reason for this is simple, your student(s)e may have more time and more opportunity to complete the basic tasks of form-filling and a major advantage is that if they make a mistake with a spelling of a name of a date of birth, then they cannot blame you or us, they have only themselves to blame. 

Administration Processing

Registration and New Pre-Registration Process

 From now you will be able to pre-register your diver trainees on our systems from the time they buy their materials from you. This pre-registration process will ensure that there are no delays in certifying your students when they have passed the training and certification process and you have authorized their certification level.

This will apply only to on-line student processing. Registration of students is required for the processing of certifications from ITDA Group International, ITDA Europe, ITDA Asia Pacific and ITDA USA IHMP Medical and ITDA Sports Diving  Agency / Other ITDA Group Service Operations and Companies.

Training Admin Forms Links:

Training Statement Form - IHMP Medical Statement Self-Certification Form

Certification Processing

 In order for a Certification Request to be processed we must have a student registration form completed with a supporting email from the certifying instructor, and a copy of the ITDA Group Materials SERINDX Code from the materials package, if processed manually... If an ITDA/IHMP materials pack is purchased on line, then e-certification will be automatic... To certify Students or have students self-certify use this link: 

Student Registration Page/form  - IHMP First-Aid Training Registration Form  (Student Forms in: Espanol - Dutch - Taiwan - Norge - Slovakian - Polska)


Professional Agreement and Registration Link:

Instructor Registration Form - Professional Crossover Levels


Complaints procedure

Please email any problems or complaints directly to ITDA Group HQ and we will find the correct people to respond to you quickly:  admin@diveitda.com  You may also use our Quality Survey Form to tell us about your training experience.:  Quality Survey Form

On line Materials ordering benefits.

  • Instant Downloads on receipt of payment with certification fee included.
  • No Waiting for slow or late postal services.
  • No expensive postal costs.
  • You can also arrange bulk discounts for orders over 10 units.
  • Serial Index Codes are sent via secure email to activate materials for use in some certification programs.

The old manual system is still available on request from ITDA Group HQ.