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First-Aid / Emergency Care

IHMP First Aid Instructor is included as a training module in our "Instructor Course Programs" or is available as an Instructor Module for Non Diving related First Aid Instructors.

IHMP Instructor Ratings / Levelsrescue

From CPR First-Aid to Hyperbaric Medicine and Chamber Operations

We cover an overview on this page of our unique Instructor Training Programs for further details please email: admin@diveitda.com

CPR First Aid Instructor who can certify?

Any First Aid Instructor from any recognised First Aid Training Body, may apply to become an ITDA/IHMP CPR First Aid Instructor, if they have taught a minimum of three (3) First Aid Courses. Or CPR First Aid experienced providers who are also qualified as Dive Industry Ledaership levels, Instructors or Teachers. brad

Plus ITDA Group Group Dive Leaders and Instructors may attend an IHMP Instructor Training Module from an ITDA/IHMP Instructor Trainer or Course Director, and they MUST be certified as CPR First Aider or First Responder, prior to completing the IHMP Instructor Module.

About the IHMP CPR First Aid Instructor Module

Our unique CPR First Aid Instructor Training Program is just one (1) day or maybe over two (2) days, if the CPR First Aid provider course is to be included in the Instructor Course.  The IHMP Instructor Course Manual should be purchased prior to the course and is great value for money as it includes:  CPR First Aid Instructor (As Included ITDA Instructor and Leadership Courses),

Oxygen First Aid Instructor, AED First Aid Instructor, LSI Life Support Instructor (Advanced First Aid) and our IHMP Dive Medic Instructor, Sports Injuries First Aid Instructor...

Aquatic Rescue Instructor and Also includes: Diving Accident and Trauma Management, and Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine Modules. For Training and Certification

Who can become an IHMP Instructor? drowning

With ITDA Group ITP's. Instructor Training Programs, ITDA/IHMP CPR and Oxygen First Aid Instructor Training is offered as Included in the Course Program.

Also IHMP Dive Medic is offered as an upgrade, if the Instructor candidate is an experienced First Aid Instructor with 50+ Certifications in the previous 12 months with EFAR/DAN or other training agency recognised by ITDA, then this Instructor may apply for an upgrade to IHMP Instructor Trainer. Certification may also be with a Course Conducted by an ITDA/IHMP Trainer or Higher Level, or ITDA Group HQ Staff...

IHMP International Training Standards     uk_resus

ITDA Group International and IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Standards meet and exceed in most cases all National and International Standards, Our CPR Standards follow the latest standards and reviews from the AHA (Americian Heart Association) and the EU ERC (European Resusitation Council and UK RC of Which our Training Director; Dr. Stephen J. Craig-Murray is a member;                                  UK RC Membership Number: 854697 www.lms.resus.org.uk). We also offer training, certification and registration with AREMT (Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)oxygen

IHMP Oxygen First Aid Instructor

ITDA/IHMP Oxygen First Aid Instructor rating is unique in the industry and is widely acknowledged as being an excellent First Aid/Responder instructor rating, covering all of the vital skills and background knowledge required to deal successfully with diving accidents. And far more importantly to help divers to better understand the causes of these accidents and how to prevent them...

 IHMP Oxygen First Aid Instructor may also train and certify: CPR First Aid, BLS Basic Life Support and The ITDA/IHMP Modules (But must pass an IHMP Instructor Training Evaluation on each module) with an ITDA/IHMP Trainer Assessor or IHMP Course Director before being permitted to certify those "Module" programs. O22Oxygen First-Aid Provider Link. - IHMP Oxygen Instructor

About IHMP Oxygen First Aid Instructor

Our Oxygen First Aid program is unique in the diving industry, as we have created first aid training which bridges the gap between general first aid and specific diving first aid with a large focus on the causes and prevention of the majority of diving accidents and the primary care, and specialist treatments required for diving injuries. lInk IHMP Oxygen Instructor

What is Different about an IHMP Oxygen First Aid Instructor? 

IHMP Oxygen First Aid Instructor can teach, train and certify these levels below:

  • IHMP CPR First Aid
  • IHMP Dive Accident Management
  • ITDA/IHMP Safer Diver Program
  • ITDA/IHMP Oxygen First Aid
    • Basic Life Support
    • OOxygen Provider / Responder
  • IHMP Oxygen Safety Module (Handling and Care of Oxygen and its use in Diving Accidents)
  • Link to IHMP Oxygen Instructor

Why become an IHMP Instructor? /strong Simply because most sports diving agencies train and certify general first aid training, we offer unique industry specific training and certification to International standards and more...

More theory about how diving accidents may occur with real life examples. - More hands on training time and our unique assessment and evaluation procedures, ensuring that our first aiders are not just highly competent buy also highly "Confident" and "Comfortable" about using their skills.

We also offer more opportunities to have more income from first aid training, as our BLS program can be applied to any first aid enviroment, i.e. First Aid at work for commerical training in factories, offices, shops etc.  Plus we also have our unique "Aquatic First Aid Program", designed for Resort Environments or Pool staff...

CPR First-Aid Instructor (Here!) - IHMP Oxygen Instructor - AED Instructor - Dive Medic Instructor - Aquatic First-Aid Instructor

First-Aid At Work Instructor - IHMP Instructor Trainer - Assessor Examiner

So do not be just another first aid instructor be an ITDA/IHMP First Aid Instructor.../strong



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