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国際ダイビングコミュニティ International Diving Community

ITDA has strong roots in Asia, having begun business in Singapore and Malaysia back in 2005 as the ITDA International Technical Diving Agency.  We have a rapidly growing business using a unique business model, only training through small numbers of high quality, exclusive partners.


nipon About ITDA Japan / ITDA Japanについて

Japan is a natural progression for this growth but we cannot do it alone. We need high quality local partners who understand the market, so we can be sure to be competitive and productive from day one... 


We are NOT interested in having our training partners in competition with each other and to achive this, we limit the number of partners in an ITDA Region, Country or Territory to prevent/avoid over saturation of ITDA. Adding value to the ITDA Brand.


Due to the size of this market and the nature of our Business we would be happy to look at a regional or by territory agreements.


ITDA Group strategy has always been to develop business with locals and "Begin successful business quickly", with all of our ventures and operations our local partners play a large and vital part in our success and of course they will enjoy their large share of the ITDA success... 

 ITDAグループの戦略は、地元の人々とビジネスを発展させ、「成功したビジネスを迅速に開始する」ことでした。当社のすべてのベンチャーと事業は、地元のパートナーが成功に大きく貢献し、もちろんITDAの大きなシェアを享受します 成功...

ITDA Group Difference and Japan Market Share


We offer the following Benefits: / 当社は以下の特典を提供しています。

- International Standards exceeding EN/ANSI and ISO / UK HSE Standards Approval (since 2005)

EN / ANSIおよびISO / UK HSE規格承認を超える国際規格(2005年以降)

  • - Sports Training and Certifications (Entry Level to Professional)


  • - International ITDA Club System (Same high standards as ITDA Group International and exchangable with ITDA)


  • - ITDA Technical Training and Certifications (Entry Level to Professional)

ITDAテクニカルトレーニングと認定(Professional to Entry Level)

  • - IHMP/ITDA Medical Training and Certifications (Entry Level to Professional, from IHMP and AREMT)

IHMP / ITDA医療トレーニングと認定(IHMPとAREMTからの専門家へのエントリーレベル)

  • - ITDA GAS Occupational Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional)  Public Safety Diving / Professional Rescue

ITDA GAS職業訓練と認証(専門家への入門)公共安全ダイビング/プロフェッショナルレスキュー

  • - Higher Education and Qualifications


  • - Limited Competition from other ITDA Group facilities


  • - Exclusive Training Agreements as a part of the Divepro ITDA Franchise

Divepro ITDAフランチャイズの一環としての独占的なトレーニング契約

  • - FREE Marketing and Sales Support



At this time we represent an opportunity to work with us to develop "Your Exclusive" business relationship with ITDA to become our partner in this unique Country...


More Countries / partners are joining with us all the time...


Languages support can added or provided by our partners


Please be kind enough to forgive our Language translation as we have used the latest software and in future we can allow our partners to corect and provide local translations.