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ITDA - International Technical Diving Agency are a very different training and certification agency from all the rest. Because we know and understand that when it comes to training and certifying divers, YOU have a choice!

About ITDA Training Partnerships

Our training partners are as diverse as our training

ITDA Training parterships have three forms

  • Regional or Country Partner (Licensee Training Partner)

Regional / Country Partners run local ITDA training agencies under an exclusive or non-exclusive license agreement/MOU with ITDA Group International HQ. Working with us as "Master Distributors" and managing local, Country or Regional business... See ITDA License Agreement/MOU   NEWSLETTER 2015 Training Partner Development


  • Training Facility / Dive Centre - School or Club (Training Partner)club

Training facility partners run resort centres, liveaboards, dive schools and clubs as ITDA training distributors under an exclusive or non-exclusive training agreement/MOU with ITDA Group International HQ.
Working with our Master distributors managing local or resort business... See License Training Agreement/MOU
  • Instructor or Trainer (Associate Training Partner / or Crossover)training

Associate Trainng Partners (Instructors or Trainers) run local ITDA training under our Professional agreement with ITDA Group International HQ. Working with our distributors and managing local business... See ITDA Crossovers page

IHMP training and certification is also included with ITDA programs and CPR is now taught or revised on every ITDA Diver program...

IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Ltd. Has Supported ITDA Group International Inc. and ITDA Europe since 1998 and are "Specialists in Training Divers in First Aid and also cover "Diving Accidents and Management".

ITDA and IHMP also offer Professional Rescue and PSD Public Safety Diving programs for EMT's, Firse Serrvices and Police Forces, around the world.

By Region...

ITDA Group International Training and certification programs are "Exclusive" and we do NOT operate a policy of just signing up anyone and everyone to complete our training and certification programs... Our Training Partners are "Exclusive" and offer the highest training standards in our industry. 

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Training and Support Partners by Country...strong>

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