ITDA Occupational Diving

Professional Rescue

The ITDA Professional Rescue Program is designed for public services and personnel like: Fire Service, EMT's, Police and Military, Divers who may need to perform complex rescues and / or recovery of persons or vehicles while maintaining the site for evidence / forensics.

ITDA Professional Rescue (Pro-Rescue)

Our professional-rescue programs are another industry first for ITDA, as was our unique PSD Public Safety Diving programs and our pro-rescue training is based on multiple casuality scenes and may involve vehicle problems and extremely dangerous environments.


The Difference between Pro-Rescue and Public Safety Diver

Public Safety Diving is used by many other agencies as a training program in rescue and recovery for both professionals and lay persons, who maybr just "Open Water or Advanced Divers", trained in additional skills.

Picture shows a Helicopter training unit for training off-shore divers and Off-shore personnel who need to travel by helo to remote oil and gas rigs and support vessels etc.

Our Pro-Rescue Training is ONLY available to rescue professionals and extends thier skills into the under water world where problems may occur very quickly and environments like; Fast-Water, Cold Water, Persons possibly trapped underwater and worse case senarios...  Our mission is to prepare and equip these personnel to act quickly but safely and inspire them to complete very complex rescues involving many aspects based on the nature and environment in which they operate.

We can train and certify to the highest International standards working with Gas and Oil Industry specialists and safety bodies and organisations.  Please visit our:  PSD Public Safety Diving page

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