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As with many other diver training agencies we offer our "Master Scuba Diver" and our "Dive Leader Programs" as Professional Diver levels, however only our "Dive Leader Levels" have official Professional Diver status.

This includes the ability to work in the industry as a "Pro Guide", "Teaching/Training Assistant" and also as a "Specialist Instructor"... ITDA is unique in offering instructor training modules in the Dive Leader Program or attended specialist dive educator workshops. 

ITDA ITP Instructor Levels: Entry Level Scuba/Club Instructor - Scuba Open Water Instructor - Advanced/Specialist Instructor - Assessor Instructor - Technical Instructor - Instructor Trainer/Assessor - Technical Assessor - Technical Specialist - Technical Trainer - Technical Trainer Assessor - Course Director - Course Director Assessor/Examiner.  For a Chart please download here!

See ITDA Leadership Levels page link here!

About ITDA Instructor Training Course Programs

asia-teamThe ITDA Instructor Training Program is our "Flagship" Course, operated in over 20+ Countries Worldwide at least 8 times per year.  From 2022 we are adding; Egypt (Red Sea) Programs and also "Philippines"...

ITDA HQ are responsible for organising our professional course programs, with our regional partners in:  Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Slovakia, Spain (Malaga), United Kingdom, Dubai, Dahab / Red Sea, Benelux, Canary Islands, Thailand, Cuba, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Bahamas, Mexico, Italy and Florida USA. More in progress!

 From our Entry Level Open Water Scuba Instructor level, the ITP (Instructor Training Program) this level is designed to offer candidates a step process to higher instructor levels and qualifications through experience and training in as short a timescale as possible... from just 5-7 days... Brand New Programs and New Workshopinstructors from 2022... Link Here or See below:

ITDA Instructor Levels:

International Club Instructor / Specialist Instructor Level 1

Open Water Scuba Instructor / Specialist Instructor - Level 1 Nitrox

Advanced Instructor

  • Advanced Nitrox / Deep (Decompression) / Wreck / Buoyancy and Gas Management / Marine Life / Night / Navigation / Advanced Rescue / Search and Recovery / Cavern / Cave /Level 2 and Level 3 as authorised by ITDA HQ...
  • Specialist Instructor / Advanced IHMP First-Aid Instructor - link: Advanced Instructor

Instructor Trainer

Course Director / Assessor

Why become an ITDA Instructor?

Our unique training standards and the amount of course programs our "Open Water Instructor" Can teach and certify make it equal to or higher than most other agencies entry level Instructor Training Programs...

Including: PADI "OWSI" Open Water Scuba Instructor which normally is almost twice the cost and with fewer options to teach and certify as many programs.... Our ITDA Open Water Instructor has three ratings included:

Open Water Instructor (Entry Level Sports Programs to Intermediate and Advanced)

IHMP CPR-First Aid / Oxygen Instructor (With *AED/DEA Instructor / *Dive Medic Instructor  and *First-Aid at Work Instructor as optional extras for a very low-cost). *Providing they are complete before or directly after the ITDA Instructor Program.

Ntech Entry Level Technical Instructor - ITDA Nitrox Instructor.  No other industry standard Instructor training program offers more.



Instructor Training / Reduced Fees and Costs...

We are taking bookings now for Instructor Training Programs (Scuba Open Water Instructor / IHMP First-Aid Instructor and Nitrox Instructor) in: Europe - Spain, Malaga May/June 2022 ITP Packages including: 7 day program, all course fees and materials from just €799 euros for Three (3) Pro level certifications from one ITP... Plus / USA Florida Keys, November 5th to 12th. 2022 Key Largo. ITP Course from just $1299.00 USD.

ITP Course Programs will also run in the Canary Islands in 2022 in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria... 7 Days from just €799...

Book now to save a place as places will be very limited due to the Corona Virus. as we are only allowing a ratio of 3 candidates per trainer / Course Director... And a maximum of 6 Candidates per course... (normally 12) Last year we had an average ratio of 6:1 because we had a lot of trainer candidates...  However over 40 candidates were moved to places in 2021... Which is now full...  Please mail us any inquiry? 

Instructor Trainer / Trainer Assessor Trainingdiploma

Trainer Crossover Program (10 days) and Upgrade to Course Director Assessor available for these dates, from just $3999 Inclusive of all materials and registration / exam fees and certification, please email us for more information at: Limited places Only.

Costs / Fees and Availability

Prices include: 6-7 Day Instructor Program, Course Program and all Reduced fees and Certifications for 3 Instructor Levels. Instructor pack is available with booking fee at 40% Discount... Normal price is €499 / $600 USD. 

Discount price with course booking is just €299 / $360 USD. (Includes all student scuba level materials for ITDA and IHMP First-Aid with a net value of over $1200 USD....)  You now pay ONLY for the materials pack and Course Fee!

HQ Exam fees $375 USD / €300 euros are waived for 2022. SAVING OUR PROFESSIONALS EVEN MORE MONEY!    YOU NOW PAY ONLY THE ITP Pack & COURSE FEE!

Courses are re-opening from September 1st. In Europe and other parts of the world... Please mail us for details:

NOTE: Priority will be given to existing bookings and places will be limited to just 6 candidates per program with 2-3 ITDA Tcertificationraining Assessors and Course Director... Sports Scuba - Technical programs maybe one-on-one...

Our levels are unique in the industry as we limit certifications to "Open Water Training Environments - Warm Water", for resort / open water diver training and "Club Training Environments, As Warm, or as Cold Water" Only, with limitations and restrictions on certifications that maybe issued.... i.e. A Cold water certification includes Scuba / Wetsuit diving BUT Warm water scuba divers Not certified in Dry Suit Diving MAY NOT dive in Cold Water or Dry Suit Diving!

Standard: ITDA Dry Suit Diver may dive in Warm Water and Cold water environments, however "Wetsuit" certifications (warm water) may not dive in Cold water without additional training and certification in the use of a Dry suit. (This paragraph is repeated for the sake of clarity in understanding ITDA Standards)

Additional Benefits

Step path to upgrade to ITDA Sports Instructor and ITDA Sports Advanced Instructor and Specialist Instructor levels directly...  Plus Upgrade path to IHMP Dive Medic Instructor Trainer and other IHMP Levels... Link to  ITDA Workshops

Next Instructor Training Program, with Trainer Assessor and Crossover / Upgrades available.


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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.



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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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