ITDA Advanced Snorkelling

Snorkelling Advanced Standards

This level was created as an upgrade to our ITDA Snorkelling / Free Diver certification program and is availble worldwide from ITDA Snorkelling / Free Diving Instructors. As competitive and non-competitive programs. (Competitive requires CMAS Certification).

About Advanced Free-Diving Certificationfree-diving

This is an intense course which is aimed at improving basic snorkelling / freediving skills. The objectives of the course programs will include deeper dives to depths between 20-40 meters, / 66ft to 132ft. exhale (FRC) dives and a Static Apnea workshop maybe included...

ITDA Courses also include: CPR First Aid and Surface Rescue at no extra cost.

Advanced Free Diving Course

Program is 2-3 days and includes multiple theory sessions, advanced techniques,

In-water training to 20m/66ft.  Plus 2 open-water dives minmum to 20m/66ft+ Target depth for advanced free diver is 30m/100ft. a fun may also be included at the instructors discretion. 

Dives maybe conducted over reefs and wrecks but NOT in hazardous areas or in poor weather conditions.

Core Skills include:coral

  • msfMammalian diving reflex

  • Static breath-hold

  • Dry training techniques

  • Exhale diving

  • Free fall

  • Visualization

  • depth_guageDeep equalization

  • Deeper diving

CPR First Aid and Rescue Swimming

Links to: Junior Snorkelling / Free-Diving - Snorkelling Basic Certification



We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded.  98% of our programs are pass first time...



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