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We have designed a new series of exciting and challenging Instructor programs (ITDA-ITP) with more classroom time, teaching practice, more in-water training time and more diving evaluations and skills assessments. 75+ Contact Hours over 7 days. Producing real World-Class Diving educators.

About ITDA Instructorrescue Training

Welcome to the NEW Dynamic and exciting ITP Instructor Training Program(s) "Scuba-Professional" from ITDA Group International and our associated partnerts and businesses around the World...

You should have read the Instructor training page to clarify any points. Link Here....

We offer real-world training and certification for our professionals from Leadership Level, and from any agency, plus Crossovers from most agencies Instructor levels may crossover and also upgrade to ITDA higher levels...  If you are for example:

PADI or Other Dive Master / Leadership Level; 18 years old, and have been diving for a minimum of two years and are first-aid CPR certified... (Or First-Aid maybe be added prior to the ITP. 1/2 Day). YOU MAY ATTEND OUR ITP Course...

Crossover Professionals:  Any Instructor level at Open Water Scuba Instructor Level may attend a part-ITP (4 Days) or better still attend the whole ITP 7 day program and receive a discount, paying only for the 4 days and Certification for Advanced Scuba Instructor, with 5 Specialist Instructor Levels.   Deep Diving / Navigation / Buoyancy and Gas Management / Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox.

Upgrades and More!

Upgrades are available to experienced diving professionals, like: Commercial Divers / Occupational Divers, Military or Ex-Military Divers and Instructors from other agencies... Upgrades are available as workshops or on an ITP Course and may include:

Club Instructor / Open Water Scuba Instructor / Advanced / Specialist Instructor / Technical Instructor / Trainer / Trainer-Assessor / Course Director / Technical Trainer Assessor / Assessor Examiner.

How to become an ITDA Instructor?

Do YOU Qualify to attend an ITDA - Instructor Training Program?  or ITDA Trainer Assessor / Course Director Program / Crossover or are you interested in becoming an Open Water Scuba or International Club or Sports Instructor?

Who is qualified to attend?

If you meet the requirements below you can qualify to apply for instructor training at Open Water or Club or Sports Scuba Diving Instructor International Levels:

Do you have more then 2 years diving experience? (Or just 6 months to 1 year for Resort  Instructor from working dive master oraward equal experience)

Do you have a desire and willingness to teach others and to share your experiences and   passion for diving?

Do you feel that you could cope with the responsibility?

Have you attained a minimum of Rescue Diver or Dive Master / Dive Con or equal level in   your agency system? (Dive Master or Equal for Sports instructor/ Rescue Diver or equal for   Scuba or Club Instructor.)

Do you have over 100 Dives or more Experience? (minimum required for Scuba or Club Instructor ITP or 150+ dives experience for our Sports Instructor ITP..)itp00

Are you at least 18 years old? or over 21 years for our Trainer Certifications

Are you good at or interested in studying Advanced dive theory?

Our Unique ITP Instructor Package Includes:

6 or 7 day Training Program for Experienced Leadership Levels to Sports Scuba OW Instructor or to Advanced / Specialist Instructor. (Depending on your experience!)

7 Day Training Program for less experienced Leadership levels to Open Water Scuba Instructor.

12 day program for those at Rescue Diver Level, to Become a Dive Leader, then Scuba Open Water Instructor.

Crossover Instructors (Any Agency) 4 Day program (Last 4 days) or attend whole program, only pay for 4 days.

Crossover and Upgrade... PADI Staff Instructor level for example may upgrade to an Instructor Trainer Designate and after assisting our trainer-assessors with 2 ITP Courses, may upgrade to ITDA Trainer Assessor... and Trainers with more experience and technical trainers may upgrade to course director/assessor....  Course Director may take our Assessor Examiner course.

Included in all ITP Courses

- History and International Development of ITDA Group

- Our Unique Higher Training Standards & ITDA Group Standards Quiz

- HQ Marketing & Training Support

- New Reduced Administration for Instructorstow

- New Training Materials plus, Web Support for Training & Education

- Minimum of 6 Classroom Presentations

- Minimum of 4 Confined Water Training Sessions

- Minimum of 6 Open Water Training Sessions

- 5 ITDA Specialist Instructor Ratings: Navigation / Buoyancy / Deep / Nitrox / Advanced Nitrox

- IHMP/ITDA First-Aid CPR and Oxygen Instructor Rating (With AED/DEA Module Available)

- Scuba Nitrox Instructor from Basic to Advanced Nitrox itp03

Pre-ITP Exam / Quiz Available on-line or as Distance Learning package

This all makes the ITDA Group International ITP, Instructor Training Program the best value for money Instructor training and certification package available! Currently Materials pack On Very Special Offer at just $499 / €499 - Discount of 33% Only $335 / €335 SAVE OVER $200 USD...   Price held low due to demand, with NEW updated materials for 2018/19....

Instructor Materials Pack - $335 Includes: All Scuba Student Certification programs and presentations, Instructor Manual and Standards, value $500+   SEE NEXT COURSE DETAILS BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE... AS MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED IN BOOKING!


Normal ITP Sports Instructor Training Materials Price is $499 . €499 ON OFFER HERE ABOVE AT JUST $335/€335! Online orders ONLY!  For an email invoice please mail us at:

What can an ITDA Instructor do?

ITDA Instructors can train, teach and certify directly after the completion of a successful ITP Instructor Training Program for "Scuba Instructor Rating or higher level"...

This level is equal to many other agencies advanced instructor levels, as you will graduate with "Sports Scuba Instructor", plus 5 Specialist Instructor Ratings, plus Dive Medic Instructor and NOW we have added "CPR Instructor Trainer"... Value over $2000 USD...

So you will be able to add value to Dive Leader programs by making them CPR Instructors...  This adds value and income to your portfolio of skills / certifications.

- Entry Level Divers / Day Courses

- Scuba Diver (Limited Certification)

- Open Water Scuba Diver and Drysuit Diver / Club Diver

- Advanced Diver - Advanced Rescue (Adv. Open Water / Adv Sports) - Specialist Diver

- Dive Leader - IHMP CPR First Aid to Instructor - Basic Life Support - Oxygen First Aid - AED - Aquatic First Aid

And may upgrade to Advanced Instructor and then to Instructor Trainer after experience and further training and assessments are completed.

The NEW Sports Instructor Upgrade, with optional advanced and "Specialist" Instructor on offer / plus entry level technical instructor...

 "Pro-upgrade", from any agency Open Water Instructor or ITDA Open Water / Drysuit Instructor or Club Instructor, is available from May 1st. 2018 in Spain / Canary Is.  Gran Canaria, Courses booking now: July and September 2018... Booked direct with HQ from just €1,399 inclusive of:... Course Program (50+ Contact hours), Registration and Professional Certifications. Materials pro-packs are currently on SPECIAL OFFER at €499 -33% Discount, bal cost ONLY €335 per pack...

September Friday the 8th to Friday 14th or until Sun 16th for Trainer Assessor and Course Director levels. In Spain, Malaga with ITDA HQ Staff... From just $1,499 USD...Inclusive! of Materials, Course program and Registration / Certification at 5 levels...


Schedule for September 2018.  NEXT HQ Instructor Training Program / Trainer Assessor Course

Friday the 7th.Sept. 11.00am Introduction and orientation to course program (4pm to 7pm) ITP Quiz / Entry Exam

Saturday to Thursday 08:30am to 18:30hrsitda

Friday the 14th. 9am to 16:30hrs Graduation Party / BBQ

Saturday 09:00am to 17:00hrs Trainer Debriefing

Sunday 10:00am to 16:00 Trainer Exam and Graduation BBQ

Please email us with any questions or inquires:

 Local taxes (VAT/IVA/IGIC/Other) are applicable, and will be applied to final total invoice value... based on your resident Country...

Normal Fee is €1499 discounted for early booking deposit before August 31st...  Full Discount FEE ONLY €950 Including Materials pack and Registration etc. Trainer and Course Director upgrades also apply...  After September 1st. Discount will be removed...  All payments will receive a receipt / invoice... Please email any questions?

ITP Payment Options €

Please email us with any questions or inquires:

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