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No previous experience required

The ITDA "Introduction to Scuba Diving" is a unique low cost, high-quality Scuba Diving Experience program that offers anyone with an interest in exploring or discovering the amazing underwater world.

That is our "Marine Environment", from the North Sea, to Lakes, quarries and tropical sun swept beaches and Islands for a short but safe and exciting time...  Available in over 60+ Countries Worldwide!

What is a Scuba Experience Program?

Tradionally a "Scuba Experience program was just that, limited instruction for a short time and then an overview of equipment safety, then into the water for; "An Experience Dive for fun", and If you liked it, you could sign up for a Scuba course program... However there was no reward or recognition, certification of any kind for the actual "Experience!"  See our Day Courses Page here!

trainingWith our NEW ITDA Introduction to Scuba Diving - Experience Program, would be divers get a reward and recogition / Entry Level certification, valid for up to 2 years... Link to ITDA Materials download just $14.95 plus taxes / NOW FREE! Just register here for FREE Download


What is different about our Introduction Program?

We offer a unique choice of Introduction programs with a Day Course "Scuba and Snorkelling program", for a full immersion experience into both diving and snorkelling with instruction / tuition and professional supervison and our half 1/2 day, Introduction to Scuba programs...

 ITDA certified Training materials are available as an On-loan basis with an option to purchase, plus we also offer a certification for entry level scuba diver from both course programs, and in addition also a certificate in snorkelling.

See our Day Courses Page here!

pocket_maskReward and Recognition

We offer a reward by way of discounts on future ITDA Training Materials and certification levels, with security seal hologram ID cards and an e-certificate you can download and print out... Plus a number of unique FREE gifts like your first diving log book, also available as a download... 

All you need to do is have your instructor "Register" your experience on-line with us and you can begin receiving the rewards and benefits immediatly...  Please note there is NOW NO FEE (FREE) e-card for registration and issuing your e-card as proof of your experience level....

We also now include at each diver certification level a FREE CPR training session or if you are CPR qualified than a FREE CPR Review. This offers the valuable opportunity to learn or practice your CPR skills. (from our Open Water Diver Levels)

Part of our standards includes the requirement for every diver level certification, from Open Water Diver upwards to have a Pocket Mask and know how to use it both in and out of the water.

Pocket Masks are available from your ITDA instructor or from ITDA web shop directly "link here"

diverTraining Materials Download

Download the short workbook as an ebook FREE Link or buy the materials with bonus stuff, brochure type e-book and get a FREE ITDA USB 4Gb. Strap band...strap_usb

NOW FREE! Just register here for FREE Download

e-book download Only $14.99 Great value NOW FREE including e-certification! You only need to register your experience in order that we can credit your experience underwater and skills, and this will count towards our "Continuing Education Credit"... and offer you great deals on dive travel and courses around the world... From Norway to the South China Sea and many points in between...

Buy the e-materials instant download Version for ONLY $ taxes... Secure Payment System!
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