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This unique ITDA Group International Training and Certification Program was designed and produced for those people who want to learn to dive safely in a resort environment and who do not want to take up their valuable vacation or holiday time reading books on dive theory and spending hours in the hotel pool playing with scuba equipment... We get you into the water in around 30 minutes... And learning skills rapidly...

The ITDA Scuba Open Water Diver Certification is a full Open Water Certification to 20m/66ft. and recommended supervised diving up to ten (10) open water dives... But divers may dive unsupervised...

10 Dives experience is highly recommend, then unsupervised diving with a buddy of equal or higher experience level... or Why not go directly into our Advanced Scuba Open Water Diver Program...

ITDA Scuba Open-Water Diverdiver

The resort training program has a lot of very flexible options depending on how much time you have available and what level of diving certification you want to achieve in the diversavailable time.

The most basic level can be achieved in just two days with 6 Open-Water dives, three (3) on each day, on day one you will enjoy a short safety briefing and lecture on basic diving skills required for safe diving.

Then you will have a shallow training session or a pool lesson, followed by a dive with training skills in the sea / open water to a depth of around 6-10m / 20 to 30ft. (Very safe for your first dive!)... Then you will attend another class / theory session and then: Lunch!

After lunch another brief class on equipment and how to best use it safely, followed by another training session and dive in the "Open water"... Then a class and then your last (3rd)dive for day one... By now you are really learning and practising a lot of newnemo skills and knowledge... And looking forward to day 2. Which follows a similar format to day one, with diving training and classes mixed together offering you the most fun, learning to dive safely...

We also have another option... You can learn the basics before you arrive at your resort see our "Club System", where you can start to learn at home... And save time and money! 

Many Instructors may prefer to make this program three days and less rushed, as with some students 2 dives a day maybe much more comfortable.

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Standards EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 for Scuba Diver Training.  EN 14153-2 Applies in Europe as Autonomos Diver after completing the experience requirements and skills training to full certification.  For any clarification see Standards Page This certification level is equal to or higher than most industry "Open Water Diver" courses.  ITDA Resort Diver may take Advanced level training...



We are including CPR First Aid from Jan 2016 for entry level scuba certifications from Resort Scuba diver level.

With the offer a CPR Cretification from IHMP First Aid and Medical Training, form just $20 USD or €15 euros, £12.50 GBP. Ask your instructor for more details... or email


More Fun Resort Open Water Diving!

Resort Diving is a lot about just having fun diving, but we must stress that there needs to be caution exercised as the marine environment for us, as humans requires us to use "Life Support Equipment", and to exercise caution over what we do and touch underwater... As there may be hazards and minor dangers, and its our job to see that your experience is as safe as possible and that's why we operate higher safety standards for your protection.

scuba_diversITDA Scuba Open Water Diving Standards

The resort diver training program can be completed in just two days but we highly recommend taking three days and thereby taking your time and feeling more relaxed about learning to dive. We also have a number of options to learn the theory, you can buy your training materials here on-line and take them with you when you complete your course program... Or you can buy the materials from your Instructor or dive centre when you arrive...   resort scuba

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Recreational scuba diver at level 2 "Autonomous Diver" EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2

Purchase here the Resort Diver e-manual and e-certification, as an instant download from for just $24.99 USD  Please note you may also order an ID Photo Card with secure holograph, From your instructor or later from ITDA HQ. the cost is just $14.99 plus postage at cost.

Please note exchange prices in GBP Pounds £ and €uros are subject to currency changes from time to time, You pay at the USD Rate and this may be an advantage for GBP£ or €uros as you may get a good exchange rate...  Postage fees DO NOT Apply to Instant downloads.