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Advanced nitrox diving

ITDA Advanced Nitrox follows on from the ITDA Scuba Diving Nitrox programs up to 40% mixes and allows the use of Nitrox from 50% to 80%+ even up to 100% Oxygen for accelerated decompression with staged decompression. Nitrox diving at this level is an Entry Level to Technical diving and offers a higher degree of risk than traditional Scuba diving…

Advanced Nitrox Diving Programsnitrox_chart

Most agencies offer scuba diver Nitrox programs with industry standards developing with the 32 and 36% as "Standards Mixes" and suitabe for sports scuba diving offering longer bottom times and generally safer diving if you use the RDP air table limits...

Some agencies like ITDA offer a crossover / upgrade path from Nitrox to Technical diving with our Ntech Advanced Nitrox program, which trains the Nitrox diver in decompression diving.


About Certification at this level?

At this level our certification requires a minimum of 30 dives experience on nitrox up to 40% and as non-decompression dives or if qualified as a decompression diver on air...  Requirements for certification include:  Minimum Experience of 30 Dives using nitrox, course dives require a minimum of 4 dives but we highly recommend 6 dives... the first dive will be to 40M/132ft using air and a 50% Nitrox mix as a staged cylinder at 9m/30ft. Stops to be made as if diving on air... Decompression is limited to a maximum of 6 mins. and there must be 2 hours additional surface interval after the table interval... i.e. if the RDP says SI is 1 hour, you will wait for 3 Hours. If using a dive computer, you will add a minimum of +1 hour...

The 2nd dive will be to 30m/100ft. for a decompression dive for experience.  The 3rd and 4th dives will offer a staged deco experience. With two more dives however, depth maybe extended to 50m/165ft.

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