ITDA CCR Rebreather Diving

Training and Certifications

Rebreather Training and Certifications from ITDA. We offering a number of options including: ITDA CCR Diver. (A Generic Program which certifies experienced divers in the theory and skills required to use Closed Circuit Rebreathers and prepares them for any CCR Unit specialist certification)

A.P.Diving CCR's: Inspiration, Classic and New, plus Evolution. ITDA Certifications on this unit are registered with A.P.Diving and ITDA are an authorised training agency. We also offer "Hammerhead", "SUBMATIX" and Meg.... If you have another rebreather we can look at a certification for it!

What is CCR Rebreather Diving?CCR

Are you ready for the greatest dive innovation since Cousteau's aqualung?

 CCRs open up incredible new worlds for experienced divers… allowing you to dive silently amongst the wildlife and explore further, for longer, in greater comfort. From reef to cave, shore to deep wreck… the advantages are dramatic.

Benefits of CCR Diving

meginspirationSubmatixSaving Breathing Gas - Lower Metabolism - Longer bottom times - Many CCR Units can set the PPO2  as fixed...  More attention from marine life, as bubbles / noise is greatly reduced.  Perfect for UW Video or Photography.                   

Why dive with a CCR?

You are no longer an intruder or noisy spectator - you’re a natural part of the sealife around you. Closed circuit rebreathers give you the freedom and time to dive the way you always dreamt possible.

The significance of diving with an oxygen-rich breathing gas is that the percentage of inert gas is considerably lower. Consequently, the time allowed to dive before decompression is required – no-stop time – is dramatically increased.

At air-range depths these benefits are huge. Want to take your time on a reef? 3 hours at 20m with no deco is a realistic dive with the Inspiration xpd or evp (or about 2.5 hours with the Inspiration evo - due to the smaller scrubber unit) compared to just 36 minutes on open circuit Scuba.

Super-Nitrox Diving.

Mixing super-nitrox on the fly - the Inspiration delivers the optimum oxygen-rich mix throughout the dive. The Inspiration offers all of the increased depth, time and deco advantages of open circuit nitrox diving but without the expense, time and hassle of pre-mixing multiple gases for pre-planned target depths, excessive cylinder carrying or gas-switching during the dive.

Inspiration CCRs offer simplified mix gas diving. The oxygen controller maintains a Constant Partial Pressure of Oxygen (PO2) in the breathing loop and thereby delivers a variable fraction of oxygen (FO2) at every depth.

In practice this gives you ultimate versatility: from shallow reef to deep wreck, the same prepped unit will automatically deliver the optimum mix at every depth and a super-O2-rich mix during deco.

Other Benefits include:


We also include at Technical levels our "Diver First-Aid basic training in CPR and students may also take our IHMPihmp_card Medical Training Courses in BLS Basic Life Support and / or our Oxygen First Aid training and certification programs.

ITDA divers are trained in basic first-aid included in the training program, i.e. No extra cost for the basic training, if you wish to obtain a certification in First Aid your instructor can arrange this for you at a discounted fee.  We also have Hyperbaric Programs...


As an experienced open circuit scuba diver, you’ll be very aware that the bulk of your gas is lost, bubbled away, every time you breathe out / exhale and that this waste increases dramatically, the deeper you go. With fully closed circuit rebreathers like the AP Inspiration, all of your exhaled gas is retained within the system in a closed loop. It is then filtered, refreshed and recycled back to you to breathe again. Bubbles escape only during ascent and mask clearing.

All rebreathers require specialist training before you use them. That’s why AP Diving will only sell rebreathers to divers who are trained and qualified with an AP recognised instructor and agency. No matter how experienced or confident you are on open circuit, you’re starting again with a rebreather - and you’re always learning.

Sports Divers - Upgrades and Crossovers

ITDA are offering Sports divers the unique opportunity to cross over and upgrade any agency Nitrox certification to ITDA Ntech Advanced Nitrox (Silver Level 40%) and we will give you 33% off the cost of the course materials on line..

Please email us for a voucher code and instructions on how to use it...

What has ITDA Group Done to develop Safer Technical Diving:

  • Creating our Ntech Nitrox Programs as entry Level Technical programs for sports divers - Bridging the Gap between Sports and Technical Diving...
  • Creating entry level Trimix Training Programs
  • Creating and developing Occupational & Public Safety Diving Programs with partners
  • Developing Safer yet ever more challenging technical training
  • Creating and Developing Unique Technical Leadership and Technical Instructor Training Programs


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