Technical Specialist Diving

Ultimate technical Certification

International Technical Diving Agency, ITDA Specialist Technical Training and Certifications are our range of both industry standard and unique ITDA programs. Certifications listed below:

tech_decoITDA Specialist Technical Certificationstech_staged

Entry Level Technical (Ntech-Nitrox) - Advanced Nitrox

Decompression Diving - Deep Air - Extended Range Diving - Staged Decompression

Wreck Diving - Deep Wreck - Wreck Rescue - Advanced Technical Wreck - Mixed Gas Wreck Diving

Trimix Diving - Entry Trimix (Normoxic) - Trimix Diver - Advanced Trimix

inspirationRebreather Diving - SCR (Semi-Closed Curcuit) / CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) - Mixed Gas CCR - Advanced CCR - AP Diving-CCR Inspiration, Classic - Evolution / Evo+.  Megaldon - Submatix (100) - Hammerhead (Jurgensen Marine).

caveCavern and Cave Diving - Introduction to Cave Diving - Cave Diver - Advanced Cave Diver - Cavern Diver

Gas Blending - Nitrox and Trimix - Cylinder Visual Inspection




ITDA also offer CPR and First Training and equipment from our training partner IHMP First Aid and Medic Training Ltd. (UK/EU)

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