ITDA Technical Trainer

Assessor Level

ITDA Technical Professional level of "Technical Trainer Assessor". This level offers highly experienced technical instructors who have been involved in Instructor Training, to become  ITDA Trainers and gain an upgrade to Technical Assessor.  ITDA Assessor level maens that trainers with this rating may conduct Instructor training assessments and certify Technical Instructors, with approval from ITDA HQ.

About Assessor Leveljump-in

The Assessor is an official in the ITDA Professional System, and is valid worldwide as being a trainer who can co-certify instructors with an examiner or Course Director. The major difference between an Assessor and a trainer is that a trainer can train professional candidates on an Instructor Training Program (ITP). But cannot grade or certify instructors. The position was created in 2010. The Assessor is also responsible for candidate welfare, and may act as a mentor to instructor candidates...

Trainer Assessor


ITDA Trainer Assessor may include: Sports Scuba Instructor Trainer. IHMP First-Aid Trainer and Technical Trainer.

Our trainer assessor level may evaluate and grade instructor candidates on official ITDA ITP Course Programs and Technical Assessor may apply for upgrade to "Technical Course Director" after just three (3) Technical Instructor Courses completed.

Who may apply to become a Technical Trainer Assessor?

Simply any technical instructor from any agency, may apply to us to Crossover and Upgrade, based on their level of experience and certification.  We can upgrade ITDA Technical Instructors based on technical instructor programs completed or supported. Also Specialist Technical Instructors based on experience...  Agencies that crossover and upgrades are acceptable from include:  RAID - PADI - BSAC - IANTD - ANDI - CMAS - SSI - TDI/SDI and many national federations... For more details and opportunities please mail:

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