ITDA Academy ICoD

cert.Formerly the ICoD International College of Diving, which was established in the UK in 2015 and was integrated into the ITDA Group International from Feb.2019... 

Offering a unique set of Higher Education in diving and diving education. As no such qualifications exist in the academic world we have created an International syllabus and curriculum which meets the standards requirements for time studied, as class attendance, on-line or pre-qualification by experience.dip.

Diver Members may receive a “Certificate in Diving" Certificate in Diving; as recognition of their level and experience.
Leadership Levels may apply for the entry level Diploma in Diving...
Diving Professionals from any agency are welcome to apply for membership of the ITDA Dive Academy and Professional Body to have your certifications and experience recognised at an educational level as well as professional vocational qualifications.
Turn your agency or federation certifications into qualifications based on time studied, experience gained and top-up academic studies program if required? Where some agencies DO NOT Train Decompression diving, we offer a simple online course program for Decompression link here just $49.99 USD.

How to qualify?

Minimum Requirements and costs...

Membership Program is OPEN to Divers and Professionals from any agency approved by ITDA HQ or members of National or Federal bodies including:  CMAS / PADI / NAUI / SSI / RAID / UK HSE / EUF / FEDAS / VSDT / CUA / SUF / WRSTC / RSTC / IDSSC / PDIC

The levels are based on the experience required and the hours of study involved in obtaining the original certification with a training agency, plus a process of calculating “CEC’s” Continuing Education Credits.

The ITDA Academy MUST and Will require proof of certification and go through a verification process with your training agency if they or you are NOT ITDA members. Note the exchange process for our qualification for your certification plus experience also offers automatic membership of the ITDA Pro-Body.  See Membership link

So, join us today here!   We require an Application fee to be paid for the level to cover our costs of processing, a mail link with be sent to you with the final payment amount to be paid by PayPal Secure payments system, and a link for the On-line application form.