ITDA / IHMP Login Page - And Member Certification Check

Members or New Members of ITDA or IHMP can login here to have their Certification(s) Registered on our Database for being searched to verify the validity and confirm level and certification date.  ITDA or IHMP Certified Divers or First Aid levels may also check and edit limited parts of their records.  ITDA Training Partners may also search and register their students...

Also Access Here below to our Non- Member Check

(Guests may login as Temporary Members to search ITDA Member record - Limited to: Name: Certification level and Cert-Date)


ITDA /IHMP Portal for Member Check (Verify and Validate Status of ITDA Divers)





ITDA  / IHMP Professionals (Student Registration) Portal Certification Check... ITDA Facility Application and Pro Check

We are as a green business trying to phase out the concept of needing to carry a plastic ID certification card and have for some time been producing e-cards and e-certifications... To reduce our carbon footprint!

Link to ITDA Membership / Login

We hope you will support this effort, however we do understand and accept that some people want and or need to have a plastic Cert card.... If you would like to order a plastic cert card please e-mail us here for an application link to purchase your ITDA/IHMP Certification card for just $25 USD... mail us:


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