Pro Membership

Professional Level Benefits in Addition to all the divers...

  • Online Certification Search and update your student records

  • Upgrade Discounts on materials and ITDA Academy Higher Education

  • Train and Certify Divers to Higher Standards

  • Offer Higher Education Certificate and Diplomas as Assessors

  • ITDA are open to multi-agency

  • We are experience and performance based, making our courses - real world ready!

  • Professional levels pay ONLY for their highest certification level

  • We now offer a subscription system to pay monthly, offer cash flow benefits at 0%

  • More Pro offers in development!


Leadership Level Membership (Platinum)


At this level we offer a 25% Discount from ITDA on Training Materials and Branded goods from ITDA HQ plus offers and deals from our partners around the world. The cost is from just $25 per month or a one off annual payment of $185 USD. Pay here below: Subscribe for just $25 per month. Or request an Invoice for 1 year at just $185 USD... Mail