newsnewsWhat happened in 2020?

We have done a great deal in a very short time, to restructure our business models to grow and develop in 2021 and beyond...

Offering massive discounts up to 70% Off...  For our members...

Also changing our policies on our unique renewal systems plus, Green / Environmental policy and a host of new services and new certifications, CPD "Continuing Professional Development" and more. 

The highlights are listed here below! for more informational; please mail us at:


newCOVID-19 Pandemic

Firstly we had the situation with the global pandemic of Covid-19, which from Feb / March 2020 quickly spread across the World and infected millions of people, making them very sick and killed hundreds of thousands of other people. 

Hopefully with the 2021 vaccine arrival we will all finally get a grip on this situation in 2021 / 2022...  with a return to some normality?


So what have ITDA done to help it's members, professionals, training partners and divers around the World?

We have identified these 3 key areas for change and development;

 1. Direct Costs to our professional members

 Operations costs (The direct costs of operating a dive business, staff, overheads, expenses, boats and agency fees etc.).

  •  ITDA have directly reduced 2021 membership fees to help in this area
  • Renewals are now under new terms, with minimum targets met, following years are FREE based on volume of students.
  • We have introduced a New monthly subscription service with low monthly payments via paypal. from $25 / $30 USD... per month.

 2. Costs of Training & Certification (Direct Materials Costs and Registration / Certifications etc.) diploma

  •  ITDA has moved to a less costly process of e-products production and on-line training (To reduce costs, which are shared by our members directly in reduced fees and on-line training courses we will also pay our pro-members a commission up to 30% for on-line students referrals.
  • e-certificates (Print at home, verify online or from our partner app.)
  • e-card as a secure .PDF or .Jpg

3. More training and upgrade certification programs with expanded operations in creating professional upgradee-products programs.  

 Low cost paths for Leadership levels (Any Agency) with the correct proven experience and aptitude.  May be certified as a NEW Scuba Instructor "Instructor Training Entry Level Programs". (Based on our Club / Scuba Instructor Levels).

  • New Entry Level Scuba Instructor (As a course or as an Upgrade program) available from ITDA Instructors who have completed our New on-line Instructor Assessor level.
  • Upgrade your theory knowledge with On-line Programs from: 

Upgrade and development of our web sites around the World is also currently in progress...

itdaNew Business Plan and Business Model for 2021

The ITDA International Technical Diving Agency has the following Training Divisions...  Training & Certifying Divers around the World since 1998...

chartWe are continuing with our unique ITDA Professionals crossover programs and adding New CPD Continued Professional Development for ITDA Academy, our On-line Training partner and introducing New and exciting Training and Certification courses in 2021...  Link to ITDA Academy

ITDA Specialist Certifications are now available to non-itda divers and under our "Multi-Agency" agreement, any instructor who is authorised by ITDA HQ may train and certify our programs from March 2021...  In some cases Instructors are NOT required to crossover. 

See link here to our Multi-Agency Page or Visit our Crossover Page...


webPage is in development and more information is available from if you have an urgent inquiry...

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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.