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Thank you for your kind help and any contribution / purchasing ITDA unique branded products will help us to make diving safer through advances in training and education... Any questions? Please mail us at:  

About Our Offer(s)  polos

Join us in some fun and exciting ways to raise funds for our Research and Development / Projects...

Offer 1.  You spend a little and get a lot!

We are conducting a social experiment and offering a reusable "Dive Safely" flash/HTML presentation and e-book, value of $19.99 USD... You can buy the rights to sell it to your students and divers for just $9.99... Plus win a Branded Quality Polo Shirt, value of $35.99 (FREE) we are giving away 1 every week, for the next 12 weeks... 

image_rescueWe also have generic marine injuries and first-aid programs... Please make payment to: Link Here to Pay direct use ref ITDA Offer 1. and FTP Download details will be mailed to you, See us at DEMA stand 2010 in Las Vegas in November 2018... or email inquires

Page is being developed with updated project information as it comes in:

Target Project 1. (Safety Promo) Presentation as a download and e-book for only $9.99 the resale value is $19.99  You MAKE $10....


See ITDA Offers page 2. Goods... Link Here!


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