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ITDA - International Technical Diving Agency and IHMP First Aid training and certifications to the highest international standards in the diving industry.  - Training and certifying first aid and diving since 1998 with International support from our partners in 64 Countries. (And growing...)


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advanced / Specialist Diving

specialist advanced scuba and technical diving

Advanced Scuba - Specialist Diving Links

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unique itda leadership levels

ITDA Dive Leader Link

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Technical Diving

itda technical certifications

Technical Diving Link

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First Aid Training

ihmp first aid - rescue  and medical

IHMP First Aid Training Link

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First Aid Instructor

certifications to professional

IHMP Instructor/Trainer Link

Not all diver training is equal


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Not all training agencies are equal and because we understand that, YOU have a choice which is why... 

We are the 1st. choice of divers for International Training and Certification Worldwide.

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ITDA difference?

This page explores ITDA and How we are different from many other training and certification agencies around the world today.     ITDA Difference Link!


Compare us?

Compare ITDA offers the opportunity to discover How we compare with the major training bodies in our industry like PADI / CMAS and SSI etc.   Link Here!



For 2022 we are continuing with our FREE E-Cert Policy, while maintaining the option to purchase a plastic secure ID card for just $25 USD.    Link Here!


Branded goods

ITDA Offers a full range of products from multiple suppliers, covering the globe... Clothing, products, e-training and more.    ITDA Store Link.


ITDA academy

With Higher Education and Training plus, Academic certifications for diving experience. With International and industry recognition.    Link Here!



ITDA Pod Casts all under 5 minutes from 2021 with updates coming in 2022 covering all aspects of ITDA/IHMP Operations.     Link to page!

Would you like to own and operate a diver training agency partnership?divepro

Divepro is our unique diver training and certification franchise business, for those diving businesses that feel they are good enough to manage an ITDA Business in their country or region?.    More Information link...

ITDa / IHMP International

The ITDA - International Technical Diving Agency have been servicing the diving industry since 1998 with Technical, Sports Scuba and Professional / First Aid Training and Certifications to the highest International Standards for Education and Safety with programs from beginner to professional.  Link about ITDA


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ITDA International Club System

ITDA also offers a unique CLUB System for Schools, Colleges and Social Groups etc. To enjoy ITDA Training, certifications and membership for both resort diving and offering Cold water (dry Suit) training.

Helpful link...

Cross Over to ITDA

Crossover simple process, easy and low cost New subscription services from just $20 USD per month plus additional new benefits, any level any agency at same level or upgrade to ITDA Assessor from ITDA academy Online (    

 Helpful Crossover link here!

ITDA Instructor Training

ITDA/IHMP Offer unique and lower cost Instructor Programs in Scuba Diving, Technical Diving and IHMP First Aid all from one Instructor Training Program (ITP) New 2022/23 programs coming soon...    

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ITDA Assessor Pro

ITDA has introduced a New Higher Education level for our dive professionals from Leadership Levels to Course Director with our unique Assessor Online Training program from just $99 USD.  ITDA Academy Link...   

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ITDA Academy for Higher Education in Divingcert

 ITDA Academy On-line "Dry Theory" and 2 part certifications offering academic standards for diver training and experience. 

Exchange your certification for a "Diploma in Diving" or a "Diploma in Diving Education", with more higher levels in development with partners around the world.    

Certificate - Diploma - Degree - Link Here!


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