ITDA Academy - Roll of Honordiploma

Our Highest Accolade in Diving, in recognition of Academic Achievements and based on Diving Professional Development and exceptional service to the diving industry and ITDA Group International. The individuals named here deserve these awards and have proven their value in skills development and academic theory studies of diving subjects including: Dive Physics, Physiology and Decompression Theory, Diving First-Aid and Student Training and educational development. 

Link here to ITDA Academy page or Nominate a professional you know and explain why they should be honored; we will investigate and where required obtain proof and then issue the appropriate honor certification (ITDA Paid Members Only are eligible)...  Nominate Link Here!

Certificate of Honor

Honor Certificates are a part of our NEW 2020 recognition for industry support and professionalism for divers and professionals from any agency, with prizes and surprises for those honored...certificate

Please nominate anyone with a reason for a certificate of honor award to:

Nominees MUST be willing to share their stories with us... Please DO NOT Nominate anyone who is not willing or able to share their story...


Diploma of Honor

The Diploma of Honor is only OPEN to ITDA Dive Professionals from dive leader and club Instructor to all other professional levels.

  • Given services above and beyond normal
  • Offered exceptional care and support
  • Given support to conservation or diving community projects
  • Rescued or performed / supported rescue operations
  • Performed first-aid to preserve / save life

Both parties MUST be willing to share their stories in order for an award to be considered.

Award nominations MUST be presented before Dec.1st 2020 for January 2021 announcements...   Please email us here!



Highest Awards

ITDA Group International will begin offering annual awards to our professionals and professionals from other agencies... From January 2020.

If you have or know any reasons why your instructor should receive an award, please email us with a short (200 words) explanation...


 ukTim Stevens of the United Kingdom is awarded IHMP/ITDA Roll of Honor for long continuous service and the expansion of IHMP First-Aid and Medical Training beyond the diving industry... 
And is our UK Chief Examiner.

Tim has many years professional service and has long deserved this recognition...  See ITDA United Kingdom


Honor Roll Members

norway Alex Edvardsen of Norway - For rescue actions

Alex will describe his story here!   ???


Academic Honors

germany Knut Damerow M.Sc. has completed the registration process and background checks confirming experience and qualifications / certifications to qualify for status as Diploma in Diving Education... Upgraded to our B.Ed.Diving equal degree program... 

Based on previous academic acheivements, skills development and experience as proven to k.damerowour academic registry process...



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