Serving the Dive Industry since 1998

ITDA has been serving the diving industry worldwide since 1998 with our Training and Certification Programs building safer and higher standards in 61+ Countries. 


Crossover Services

We offer several unique crossover opportunities with upgrades for leadership levels from any agency.

2020/21 NO Renewal Fees for ITDA Professionals for certifying just 25 Students at Open Water or above.

See our crossover page link here! 


Certification Verification

ITDA has a partnership with to provide our members on FREE registration with to offer a certification verification for your ITDA level, see  our

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Training Materials Support

ITDA offers many choices for our students:

 USB Drives as slap straps / flexible wristbands, Instant downloads, Instructors may also sell materials, e-materials, and also hard copy...

Materials Page link here!


Member Services

Anyone who completes an ITDA or IHMP Course program and is certified by ITDA or IHMP will automatically qualify for FREE ITDA Membership for 1 Year...

With full membership benefits, all you have to do is register for your membership at our membership page after checking out the benefits and options for offers, deals and discounts on ITDA/IHMP Training materials, Branded Products and even dive travel and tours at selected ITDA/IHMP Partners around the world... 

Membership Registration Link Here!
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One of our top membership offers is discounts with ITDA partners like Deepblu, who are advancing diving technology with this amazing bluetooth app. dive computer, with cloud upload to save your dive log app, and also a user changeable battery.... Plus many more features... Retail Price is $299 USD... Plus Shipping worldwide. If purchased from ITDA HQ by members save $49 USD...  Cost is just $250 USD.(Plus shipping)

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We have many upgrade programs from leadership levels (Any Agency) to ITDA Professional levels as workshops also upgrades from scuba diving levels.

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New Workshops

From 2019 we are offering a series of seminars and workshops on a range of subjects from "Retail Management, to upgrading your divers. From just 30 mins to 2 hour webinars to 3 days seminar/workshops. 

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Sales and Marketing Support

ITDA offer a full range of branded goods and marketing tools, many for FREE!

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Branded Products Development

T-Shirts, Polo-shirts, Baseball Caps, Beach Flags and more...

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Admin and CRM Systems

We have developed new systems in 2019 for our mail servers and our client membership systems with more CPU power and more backup memory.

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ITDA Training and Certification

International Statistics

2019 Period 12 Months from Nov 18 to Nov 2019


New Divers


Instructor Upgrades




New Training Partners

Select a Partner Plan to suit you!divepro

  With our unique New ITDA Membership, Training Partner and Professional Training Plans, we no longer require annual renewals but instead offer a super value for money, monthly low fee inclusive payments with reall benefits that will make you more money from ITDA Training & Certification... SAVE!

With three simple levels: 1. Independant Instructors as (Affiliate Training Partners) non-exclusive agreement with ITDA from just $20 USD per month, the fee includes: 2 Certifications per month and 2x training materials e-packs per month with a value of $24.99 each...

You SAVE! $29.98 Who cannot find 2 certifications a month?

(+ NO Personal Renewal Fees)...  Save over 1 year... $359.76+ in your pocket... 10% Discounts)

Affiliate Plan (basic) just $20.00 per month...

2. Dive Centers, Dive Shops as (Associate Training Partners). Take advantage of this unique offer for just $25 USD per month you get x3 Diver Training e-packs up to a value of $24.99 ea (3x24.99=$74.97 -$25 = net $49.97)

YOU SAVE $49.97 Money in your bank! Over a Year that is $599.64 (15% Discounts)

Associate Plan (Very popular) just $25.00 per month...

3. Divepro Plus; Training Partners who are members of our divepro franchise program, this offer is in addition to all of your other benefits....  You pay just $49.00 USD per month (Premium Package) and you get 2 Dive Leader upgrades per year at $99 each. Value $200 plus, 4 Diver levels ($24.99 x 4 = $99.96) for e-materials and e-certification packs... Monthly.

Value of 4 Diver packs per month $99.96 USD   You already save a Total of $50.96

YOU SAVE OVER $611.52 Over a Year.... 

OVER A YEAR YOU SAVE $611.52 plus the dive leaders at $200 Total Annual Saving Over $811.52 

Divepro Plan (Premium Service) just $49.00 per month...

Plus your agreed discounts under your "Divepro" Training Partner Agreement up to 25% profit share.... See ITDA Divepro

Plus NO RENEWAL FEES if our terms are met... See No Renewal Fees Here!

$20 / mo


  • Basic Plan/Affiliate
  • 10% Discounts
  • 2 e-packs per month
  • 1/2 page web
  • 1 update per month
  • YOU SAVE $30 Month
  • SAVE 1 year $359.76+
  • Link to Plan
$49 / mo

Divepro plus

  • Premium Plan/Divepro
  • 25% Discounts
  • 4 e-packs per month
  • 2 pages web
  • 3 updates per month
  • YOU SAVE $50.96 Month
  • SAVE 1 Year $811.52+
  • Link to Plan

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