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And the current / future needs of the Diving Industry

ITDA have been serving the diving industry since 1998 with our Training and Certification Programs building safer and higher standards in 64+ Countries. with  ITDA is the "Future of Diving"...

And adding higher education and training with ITDA Dive Academy.

Marketing Support

We offer training and marketing materials support via graphics design & marketing materials etc.

Administration support

ITDA HQ are developing new back office systems and forms support for more web services and apps.

International support

Regional Training Partners

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  ITDA EU (Esp) - Benelux - Slovakia - Poland - Norway - Egypt- Malaysia - Singapore -

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Philippines - Taiwan - UK - USA - Bermuda


We work harder for our members at all levels, with local (Training Partners) and regional support (Country or Regional Management)

from local people with a real understanding of culture and language in various parts of the world with HQ Support.

ITDA Crossover Services

How to crossover to us?

Simple, Quick, easy and low-cost options


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1. Who can crossover?

You must decide first which crossover package you are interested in? Direct Admin Crossover (train and certify ITDA as you do with your existing agency) or Crossover and upgrade to a higher level (for example Instructor may upgrade online to Instructor Assessor). Leadership level may also crossover and upgrade at an ITP Instructor Training Program.

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2. Why crossover to us?

We welcome crossovers from all technical diving agencies and also offer upgrades and higher standards levels, with courses from ITDA Dive Academy.

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3. How does it work?

Very simply we can offer a number of choices, the easiest way to crossover and work with us is to crossover at your current level. This means that you may train and certify levels with ITDA that you are certified to train and certify with your existing agency..

See 4. Benefits

4. What are the benefits?

Benefits of crossing over to ITDA/IHMP are many and include; Offering a wider range of courses to your students and divers. Also options to save money and even earn more money, teaching and training to higher standards..

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5. How much does it cost?

The costs of crossing over to us should mean you do not pay any more than your existing agency and you should even save money and have more options like our subscription service where you may pay monthly.

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6. What is the process? (How do I crossover?)

The Crossover process could not be more simple, all you need to do is allow us to confirm your status with your existing agency and complete an online form (Admin Form Link Here!) and also complete an ITDA/IHMP annual Pro-Agreement. You can start training ITDA Divers as soon as you receive your e-cert (Normally 24 to 48 hours).  NEW Unique Opportunity for 2022 Crossover for FREE! Contact us at 

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ITDA Certification stats

Certifications by category 2018-2019  (2020/21 Covid Pause!) Divers and Professionals joining us (The ITDA/IHMP Family) in this time period


Leadership Level

Dive Leader - Pro Guide


Professional Levels

Open Water Instructors


Open Water Divers

Including Upgrades


Specialist Levels

Including Tech Divers

Select a Pricing Plan to suit your needs!

New ITDA Professional Membership levels from Crossovers (Including application, registration and No annual fee.
(For 2022/23 Period) Special Offer for New Crossovers for 2022/23
Paid as a monthly subscription fee with PayPal. or pay an annual fee (The Choice is Yours!)

The Monthly Subscription Fee Includes: from 1 to 3 FREE Certifications per month, student pays for their materials which you also make a good commission / discount on! 

Crossover Instructor pays NO Crossover FEE and NO Application/Registration FEE... Plus FREE Standards Manual (Value $79 USD) Only pay for the Instructor Manual/Guide just $99 USD and If you choose to pay the monthly subscription Fee, you will receive a bonus of 1 to 3 Free Certs Per month (depending on your  level).

A Selection of our MOST Popular Personal Monthly PLANS...

All Pro-Plans: - Leadership $15 - OW Instructor $20 - Instructor Assessor - $25

Specialist Instructor / Technical Pro $30 - Instructor Trainer $35 Course Director $45

$15 / mo


1x Specialist Cert or 2x Experience / Day Course   e-certifications. Value $20.00 USD.

Per month, No Cert rollover...

Affiliate Plan (Basic)

Non-Diving Certs

Scuba Certs to Leadership

IHMP First Aid Certs to Pro

Commissions Paid to 10%

Discount on ITDA Goods 10%

Basic Level Support

Database Limited Access

Rewards Program


Application Form Link

$35 / mo


3x Diver or Specialist Certifications or 1 Leadership level or 1x Crossover e-cert per month.  Value to $99.00 Per month rollover 1x Cert.

Premium Plan (L3)

Non-Diving & Scuba Certs

Leadership to Instructor

Training Trainers

Course Director Training

IHMP First Aid Certs to Pro

Commissions Paid to 20%

Discounts on ITDA Goods 20%

Premium Support

Database Access

Premium Rewards Program


Application Form Link


Link here to All ITDA Crossover Plans

Would You Like to Work With Us?

We'd love to work with you. Contact us using the form link below and provide some details about yourself, your project and let us know how we can help!

Dive Membership Level with benefits from just $10 USD per month.

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Link here to Crossover Forms

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