techInternational Technical Diving Agency (ITDA), as the name suggests we are technical diver training specialists and from our formation back in 1998 as the ETDA European Technical Diving Agency the ITDA has developed and progressed technical diving in 64+ Countries and now offers higher and safer training standards then many other agencies...

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ccrWhat is Technical Diving?

Technical diving (also referred to as tech diving or tech diving) is scuba diving that exceeds the agency-specified limits of recreational diving for non-professional purposes.

Technical diving may expose the diver to hazards beyond those normally associated with recreational diving, and to greater risk of serious injury or death. The risk may be reduced by appropriate skills, knowledge and experience, and by using suitable equipment and procedures.

The skills may be developed through appropriate specialized training and experience. The equipment often involves breathing gases other than air or standard nitrox mixtures, and multiple gas sources.

The term technical diving has been credited to Michael Menduno, who was editor of the (now defunct) diving magazine aquaCorps Journal.tech2 The concept and term, technical diving, are both relatively recent advents, although divers have been engaging in what is now commonly referred to as technical diving for decades. Credit / Ref: From Wikipedia...

The ITDA Definition of Technical diving is simply: Diving beyond the normal recreational limits, i.e. Exceeding 40m/132ft. in depth and using specialist equipment, mixed gas, nitrox (above 40%) or trimix / Air for travel, bottom and/or decompression.  All decompression diving activities below 40m/132ft. are considered "Technical Diving"...

About ITDA Technical Diving?

Many technical agencies have courses that are considered "Entry Level" but which require a lot of experience dives to enter. We have created a number of Crossover / Upgrade core programs for Open Water Divers and Resort Diver levels to directly gain the experience and knowledge required to become a Technical diver.

Technical diving is generally considered to be only for Advanced Divers, so we had to be different!


Entry Level Technical from Open Water Diver level (any Agency)

The first of our upgrade to technical diver programs is our Ntech Nitrox Diver program offering current nitrox divers the opportunity to discover the additional benefits of using mixes higher than 40% Oxygen, and learning about how nitrox gas is blended and more about decompression theory. (Scuba Divers MUST have a minimum of 20 Dives experience!)

The next steps from Ntech is Advanced Ntech or Extended Range Diver or even our introduction to "CCR Closed Circuit Rebreather" diving, and "Entry Level Trimix Diver"...

Bridging the Gap - Sports to Tech

ITDA are Bridging the gap between Technical and Sports Diving with our unique Ntech Programs from Any agency Open Water or ITDA Open Water or Dry Suit OW Diver to Ntech - Diver Link Ntech Nitroxdeco

ITDA Technical Training Programs

  • Ntech Nitrox (Bronze)
  • Side Mount & Advanced Cylinder Configuration
  • Advanced Ntech (Bronze - Silver - Gold)
  • Decompression Diving - Physics and Physiology (Theory Modules)
  • Cave Diving
  • ICE Divingsubmatix
  • Deep Diving / Extended Range / Staged Deco Diving
  • Entry Level Trimix - Ttech Trimix Diver - Advanced Trimix Diver
  • Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Diver - Advanced CCR and Mixed Gas CCR
    • Submatix - AP Diving (Inspiration and Evolution) - Hammerhead and (CCR Generic)
  • Gas Blender Nitrox / Trimix Blender
  • Technical Wreck / Mixed-Gas Wreck Diving
  • Technical Rescue Specialist - Cave Rescue - Wreck Rescue - Rescue & Recovery
  • Technical Specialist
  • Ntech Instructor (Entry Level Technical Instructor)
  • Technical Instructor
  • Technical Instructor Specialist
  • Technical Instructor Trainer
  • Technical Training Director / Assessor Examiner

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Who can train and Certify these levels?decompression

Any ITDA Technical Instructor or ITDA Technical Crossover Instructor who is an equal or higher level and a Specialist Technical instructor in these areas. For example any agency Trimix instructor may train and certify ITDA Trimix and Ntech Nitrox Levels, also ... See Crossover to ITDA Page and ITDA Unique Membership programs with great offers - Link Here! 

To make our certification process for technical diving simple, we have applied the same "Specialist 3 Level process from our Sports Scuba Programs). NOTE: Instructors will still need to have the certifications and experience in the subject areas... The levels are generic.

Level 1. Introduction to technical diving:  Technical Instructor may train, assess, evaluate and grade Ntech Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox, plus Decompression Diver to our Level 1 Standards... Not exceeding 50m/165ft.  May include SCR and CCR Not exceeding 40m/132ft.

Level 2. Intermediate Stage to Technical Diving: Trimix Diver, Cave, Wreck, Ice (Overhead Environments); CCR below 40m/132ft. to 20% within specific unit limit as stated by the manufacturer...

trimixLevel 3. Advanced Technical Diving: All levels to limits as in course standards, CCR to 100m/330ft. CAVE - DEEP AIR - DECOMPRESSION - DEEP WRECK - EXPLORATION DIVING etc. etc.

Therefore based on Knowledge, Experience, Certifications and our Assessment at HQ... Technical Instructors can fall generally into these catagories: Level 1. Introduction - Level 2. Intermediate Level  and Level 3. Advanced Technical... Plus we maintain our Specialist Technical Instructors in their relative fields as Level 4. Specialist Technical Instructor... (And Unit Specific CCR as these instructors often need to be registered with the supplier)

ITDA Unique Membership programs with great offers - Link Here!  

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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.


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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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ITDA Unique Membership programs with great offers - Link Here!