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  Why join ITDA?

Simply because we offer so much more than most other training agencies around the world with our extensive network of Training Partners in 64 Countries (and growing...). ITDA has since 1998 offered industry leading diver training and certification programs in: Sports Scuba (recreational diving),Technical Diving.

As we came from a strong technical background based on Military and Commercial diving standards.

ITDA offer multi-agency, more flexibility, higher training and educational standards and exceed most International standards... ISO. ANSI/EN and National Standards.

ITDA Certifications Offer...

1. More Theorysurface

This the basic core of diver training, teaching basic safety use of diving equipment and use in emergency situations, in the event of equipment failure or human error.

We can all make mistakes, so we train and drill (repetitive skills to obtain a comfort level) and practice  for all known risks and hazards and even consider the unknown risks by understanding the process of "RISK ASSESSMENT"...  Of course we are not claiming 100% reduction in risk but aiming for 98-99%. 


2. More Training

We offer our professionals one of the most comprehensive guidelines in diver training with maximum flexibility, focused on personal safety, Self-Awareness and self and buddy rescue training. Over a minimum of 6 Open Water Dives to a maximum depth of 20m/66ft. Our divers are trained to be aware of the environment, conservation and reef and marine life protection. nemo

We also cover basic First Aid and CPR in our programs.

Plus advanced supervision and the management of the human factor with both dive and emergency planning using both tables and dive computers with failure drills at all levels.

Plus of course while student divers are having maximum fun and enjoyment of the marine world, they are learning to be safer more competent scuba divers.

A real fish eye view and up close to friendly marine life!


3. More supervised diving experience

Most training agencies offer just 4 Open water dives required to pass / graduate the Open Water Diver Certification level and we demand a minimum of at least 6 Open water dives plus we highly recommend that our graduate divers gain more experience by way of achieving 10 Open water scuba dives before diving without supervision.  We also examine the buddy system and the objective self-reliance system.  ITDA Divers will prove to be a cut above average for new divers as their experience, training and education are higher than most agencies train...


poolMinimum Age? / Supervision Ratios?

12 years, Note a junior diver rating is applied to under 15 year olds... Plus for pool only with additional restrictions the minimum age can be 10 years. 

 Supervision is 4:1 plus an additional 2 students maybe added for each supervisor under direct instructor supervision to 2:1 for each supervisor... 

Maximum for 3 supervisors (leaders) and 1 Instructor, with a surface support diver is 10 students (4 for Instructor and 2 for each supervisor 2x3 = 6 total +4 = 10 students)


Fitness Level Required and Swimming Skills Required?turtle

A basic level of fitness is required and each student MUST be able and comfortable swimming a minimum of 25m / 25 yards...  Each student MUST be able to carry their own equipment unless disabled?  Special Child equipment may be used for Junior ratings...

coldMinimum Skills Development Level

Buoyancy Control Skills, with weight trimming and balance exercises. All equipment drill include errors and failures at all levels. Plus 2 rescues, 1. self and 2. Buddy (Instructor or Supervisor to be rescue with problem solving exercises).


Certification Process (How to obtain certification?)cert

By application / Registration Online you may register yourself or your instructor may certify you... We will need your instructor's ID Number / Ref and their name / name of the training Centre and where they are, i.e. where you were certified.   Link Here!


Optional Benefits: Your opportunity to gain even more value for money from ITDA...

We offer you the unique choice to upgrade your certification from an e-certificate and e-card to add a Plastic Secure ID Card and a Security printed Wall certificate for just a few dollars...  Link here to certification upgrades page with online application form...


Apply here for ITDA multi-agency status... And add ITDA Training to your certifications... Offer your students and divers more...


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About ITDA

ITDA International Technical Diving Agency, are the only training and certification agency to offer; International standards in: Sports Scuba/Recreational Diving, Technical and Advanced Specialist, First-Aid and Medical Programs, plus; Occupational and Professional Diving...  Plus much more!  See about ITDA page