ASia and South Pacific

Business Opportunites with us in Asia, South East Asia / Pacific Region                          

Asia represents a unique opportunity for ITDA Group International (click on a link)             China -          Japan -          South Korea -    Singapore -       Philippines

About ITDA Asianemo

We are a British owned IBC "International Business Corporation" with registered offices in: Hong Kong and Regional offices in: Malaysia, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, USA and across Europe. ITDA (International Technical Diving Agency UK)  Download our Maketing Presentation here! (15.6Mb.)  Visit our International Pages Higher Education in Diving partner: International College of Diving -

From the warm clear waters of the South China Sea and the fantasic diving in Indonesia, with some of the worlds best dive operators, to Taiwan and Japan with the challenges of Cold Water Diving and of course everything in between.... Asia really has it all plus + Of course the 1000's of Tropical Islands...

We are NOT interested in having our training partners in competition with each other and to achive this, we limit the number of partners in an ITDA Region, Country or Territory to prevent/avoid over saturation of ITDA. Adding value to the ITDA Brand.

Due to the size of this market and the nature of our Business we would be happy to look at a regional or by territory exclusive agreements.

ITDA Group strategy has always been to develop business with locals and "Begin successful business quickly", with all of our ventures and operations our local partners play a large and vital part in our success and of course they will enjoy their large share of the ITDA success... 

ITDA Opportunities

We are looking for serious business partners in the Asia South East and Pacific regions and territories to work with us to build up ITDA Group International Business in this very important region.... 

Under our unique license agreement you could become an Asian Regional Master Distributor/Partner with the opportunity to help rebuild the dive industry from the sand up.... In your Country or territory.

We offer everything:  Sports Diving - Club Systems - Technical Diving - First Aid and Medical Training - Professional (Instructor Training) and Occupational - Public Safety Diving.... Higher Education with Certificate and Diploma Programs...

Plus support services: Web Hosting and emarketing, onlines sales with commissions paid to instructors and training facilities...  Online Admin, Instant download training materials, and minimum Instructor paperwork (Because filling out forms is NOT training divers...)

Lower Costs higher quality....

Please email us at:   For our ITDA Group Partnership presentation (FREE)...  Please note we are only interested in hearing from serious investors minimum stake from $10k USD to $250,000 USD...  From 1 year to 5 Years or up to 10 years License Agreement... From a state territory / Island to whole Country and even regional agreements currently available... Offers will be on a first come first serve basis.... And are totally exclusive!  See COMPARE ITDA Page

For whole regions as master distributor, or we may consider a small license on a state by state or whole Country basis from around $25,000 USD.(Negoitable)  Return on investment from just two out of eight revenue streams within 12 months will be in the region of at least 30-40%+ return.  $50k USD Return on just 4 Instructor programs in the 1st Year... Plus materials sales etc, etc.  We can help if required (hands on for year 1....) Terms will apply.


All of the links above and below represent an opportunity to work with us to develop "Exclusive" business relationships or to help you find our existing partners in an area...

More Countries / partners are joining with us all the time...

Languages supported include: 

English / Spanish / German / Slovakian / Polish / Norge / Mandarin / Simplefied-Chinese... And in Development: Italian / Arabic - Farsi / French and Dutch.  tioman

Multiple Revenue / Multiple Income Streams 

  • Sales of Training Materials (Sports - Technical - First Aid- Professional)

  • Certifications Issued (Sports - Technical - First Aid- Professional)

  • Registration and Renewals of Professionals and Crossovers

  • Instructor Training

  • Online / Web Sales

  • Branded Products & Goods

  • Registration and Renewals of Training Facilities / Sub-Distributors

  • Sales and Marketing Services / emarketing

Where else could you find such a great opportunity today?

We can offer full support and assistance from over 20 years experience of expanding into  60+ Countries around the world...

   We are also looking for partners in Dive Travel and Equipment suppliers...

  Opportunities are very limited as we now only offer exclusive agreements....

See ITDA Divepro and See COMPARE ITDA Page