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Not all training agencies are equal and because we understand that, YOU have a choice which is why... 

We are the 1st. choice of divers for International Training and Certification Worldwide.

ITDA are a family of International Diving Professional Educators...

Learn to:  Swim - Snorkel - Experience Scuba - Certify Open Water Scuba Diver

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Learn to Scuba Dive

Swimming and Snorkelling

Learn to swim or develop snorkel skills+...

 Non-Diving - Learn Scuba

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Rescue and First Aid

Advanced Diving

Learn to Rescue yourself and or your buddy+...

 Rescue Diving - IHMP First Aid

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Technical Diving

Beyond recreational diving

Learn about Technical Upgrades from Scuba...

Tech Diving - Tech Professional

ITDA Membership 2022/23

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Open to divers and professionals from any agency or any experience level.

Membership is open to all ITDA or IHMP Certifications / Graduates

ITDA Membership - Benefits of Membership - Crossovers

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We wish you happiness and prosperity this year, and for many years to come. 



ITDA difference?

The ITDA Difference is clear, we operate more like we work for our members with support at all levels.

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Certification Process

Our Process for Certifying divers and first aiders is unique and exceeds international standards.

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Safer training

We offer a unique training process with more theory, more skills and enhanced safety.

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ITDA Offer E-Certifications at all levels, quickly easy and at low costs.  Simple online application.

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Membership of ITDA is open to divers from any agencies and first aiders from other agencies.

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ITDA Academy

ITDA Dive Academy offers formal academic qualifications from Industry standard certifications and more!

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ITDA Academy

academyHigher Education in Diving

Certificate and Diploma programs, plus a foundation and degree in diving education in development. We are actively looking for academic partners...   We pay a % on commissions for referrals. Instructors and paid members.     Referral for Rewards Page Link

Why choose itda?

For those who know us this is a non question as we offer, Higher Training standards, More Theory, including decompression from Open Water level, plus we offer more actual dives which means more experience...   

                        ITDA International Training Partners


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                                         Find ITDA/IHMP Training from our Partners... Around the World!

ITDA Professional Diving

ITDA has many professional diving programs from recreational snorkel and scuba instructor to advanced training, technical instructor and also IHMP First Aid Instructors, Trainers, Course Directors and Assessors.


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Leadership Levels

ITDA Dive Leader is a hallmark of quality training and high level of diving education, experience and certification link...

Club Instructor

ITDA Entry Level Instructor, Club Instructor and Nitrox Instructor are available as upgrades from leadership levels link...

IHMP First Aid Instructor

ITDA/IHMP First Aid Instructor training, CPR. Sports Injuries, At Work, Diving First Aid, Combat First Aid and More.. link...

Scuba Professionals

Recreational Scuba Diving Instructors, from entry level, advanced, specialist, assessors, course directors / examiners link...

Technical Professionals

ITDA Technical Professional levels from Nitrox Instructor, Specialist Technical, CCR / Wreck / Cave / Deep/ other.  link...

Training Trainers / Assessors

ITDA Trainer Training and Assessor Programs with crossovers/upgrades from ITDA Academy. link...

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 ITDA/IHMP are a market leader in Training and Certification in First Aid Training, and across the Diving Industry.  On an International scale and offer you support with our unique downloads page here. Anything you need, Logo's, Posters, Marketing tools and webinar / seminar support - Plus Pod Casts / Videos promo etc.

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