ImemberTDA Training Support

ITDA Management going the extra mile for training partners, always coming up with new ways to offer genuine support to bring partners market advantage and more benefits than other agencies.  With low cost Materials and low cost Certification for entry level diving and discounted Renewal FEES - (-50%) If basic terms are met.

Training Support  support

ITDA Management are bringing new and innovative ways to help our professional members to get the absolute most out of their relationship with us...

Training support benefits include:

  • Covid-19 Coronavirus Support (Free Covid Online)

  • Curriculum Developments and Updates

  • Payments of Commissions to partners referring online training

  • Specialist Diver Programs (Scuba and Technical)

  • Safety and Conservation Programs

  • Marine Life and Coral Protection

  • Occupational Diving Developments

  • Public Safety Diving

  • IHMP First Aid Training & Certifications

  • Diving for work - Opportunities

  • Higher Education with Certificate and Diploma Programs + More!

  • ITDA Academy -

  • New on-line training partnerships with education providers

  • Rewards for Referrals (Link here!)

More coming soon, plus new Covid-19 deals and offers... To help our training partners get back in the game, as fast as possible!

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