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Not all training agencies are the same!

We are NOT interested in being the biggest training agency, ONLY the best at what we do...  Producing Quality Safe and Competent Divers at all levels of the Industry from Recreational to Professional Diving...award

We offer here a unique insight into the core values of the ITDA Group and our motivation to be the highest standards training agency, based on quality and not quantity, i.e.


We are unique in many ways in the Sports diving world as not only do we accept multi-agency instructors and divers but we actively encourage them... ITDA Group International and the International Technical Diving Agency, offer the highest quality, value for money and highest training standards in the Industry...  Please cover this page carefully and if you have any questions email us and we will respond quickly:


Compare ITDA with?itda

The biggest diver training agency in the world is the American giant "PADI", Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

 They have recently been bought and sold a few times over the past few years and the agency and their professionals are considered as market leaders. 

ITDA Executives; Steve and Georgina with their Award for safety standards.

The Industry Intelligence business "Owler" has up to date info on all training agencies. The links below offer an independent insight into our industry...  See this link:  And to compare ITDA please use these two links... We have two main business sites; the International Technical Diving Agency...ITDA Group International -  

See our unique charts which offer a graphic vision to compare ITDA with PADI and CMAS by Depth / Course / Pro-fees.

Are there many other agencies?

compareYES! There are, many other training agencies around the World, in fact hundreds of them, and new ones coming up all the time but the main players remain. 

Anyone looking to learn to dive or divers looking to advance their certifications or to become professionals, should look at the training agency very carefully and consider all of the options. 

Especially training standards see ITDA Standards pages link here to our About Standards page... 

See also lower part of this page for a list of all training agencies meeting International standards.

 We at ITDA work harder to provide you with the best, safest and most fun training because we understand that YOU have a choice!   And we want YOU to choose us!  ITDA should always be YOUR First Choice! and we want you to recommend family and friends to us...  We have a great referral and reward service... Ask your ITDA Instructor for more details as benefits vary from training partners worldwide... Or mail us directly at

NOT all training agencies are the same, there are many differences in standards as applied to training and certification and many differences in training philosophy and delivery. Also we offer high quality materials, with flexible options and lower costs and on-going costs, etc.

The majority of International training agencies follow the guidelines from ISO / ANSI/EN to meet minimum International standards see our about standards page link here!

NOTE:  The comments below are from different sources of whom many are multiple agency professionals who have crossed over to ITDA, and where certified professionals with; CMAS / SSI / NAUI / PADI / ITDA / IDEA / BSAC / IANTD / TDI/SDI etc.  This is NOT the expressed view or opinion of the ITDA Management...  It is the ITDA management view that all of the major training agencies operate professionally and to high standards, following the ISO - ANSI/EN International standards.


PADI?  Professional Association of Diving Instructors

PADI programs may change from time to time but generally their basic diver program is the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver which is an International Diver certification.

PADI are also probably the largest scuba diver training agency in the world and as such they have a global network of affiliate diver training facilities around the World.

PRO's (For PADI)padi

Size of the organisation

Easy training and focus on fun diving

Good quality education and materials

Instructor Course is just 7 days on average

PADI has a Fast-Track System for Professionals and Specialist certifications

CONs for PADI (Against PADI)

Because of the size and popularity of PADI they have a lot of market saturation which may lead to certain areas or territories have multiple PADI dive schools in close proximity causing a "Price War" scenario for the private operators of these businesses.

This may "Appear to benefit the consumer", but to reduce operations costs operators may cut corners, including poor employment conditions and low wages for instructor etc.

Training very fast to certification from 3 days or less, with a minimum standard of just 4 Open Water Training dives and 5+ pool sessions (Depending on the training Centre!)

PADI have good International resources and representatives in many regions but are a United States (USA) based business.

CMAS?  Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques

CMAS are traditionally a European body but operate worldwide. They have been training divers since 1958 and some very famous name where involved in the early days including the TV Celebrity;  Jacques-Yves Cousteau who was a founding member.

One Star Diver - "a diver who is competent in the safe and correct use of all appropriate open water scuba diving equipment in a sheltered water training area and is ready to gain open water diving experience in the company of an experienced diver.

Training dives may be up to 10 dives or more experience.

PRO's for CMAS

Long standing history of diver training on an International level since 1959.

CMAS are a serious training body and focus on safety and training for emergency situations.

Courses are recognised industry wide.

CONs for CMAS (Against CMAS)

Primarily a European body with limited International support.

Few actual CMAS training Centre's around the world.

CMAS Professionals tend to be multi-agency.

Up to 10+ Open Water dives required for certification.

CMAS are currently more focused on Free diving and International free diver training than on the traditional SCUBA Training... They also sponsor major competitions.


SSI? Scuba Schools International ssi

SSI Philosophy (Taken from their website) Knowledge replaces anxiety and fear with correct information. There are many ways you can start an SSI program offers traditional training, home study or online training. No matter which way you decide to take the program, it will be taught the same way  using the SSI Total Teaching System. During interactive review sessions, your SSI Dive Professional will teach you how 'land value' what you learn out of the water relates to 'water value' what you do with information in the water.

The best way to learn essential skills is through continuous and correct repetition. The goal of this repetition is to learn the skills so well that they can be performed automatically, and without conscious thought.

This is SSI's signature water training method: Comfort Through Repetition.

We believe it is vital to take plenty of practice time to develop the skills necessary to become a competent and comfortable diver.

Your SSI Dive Professional will lead you through a series of comprehensive skill exercises for you to practice until they become second nature.



Of the many 100's of other training agencies out there around the world are many national federations and Club Systems.  (ITDA also has an International Club System which follow the exact same certification standards as our International system.

The majority of people will learn to dive based on the recommendation of friends and family, and or as an act of convenience. (You are on vacation / holidays and there is a dive school at or close to your resort or hotel... This is very common!  So please do not be overwhelmed by the sheer number of agencies below:

List from Wikipedia of diver training and certification agencies...

Organisations which publish standards for competence in recreational scuba diving skills and knowledge, and issue certification for divers assessed as competent against these standards by affiliated schools or instructors:

ACDC - Associazione CMAS Diving Centre Italia CMAS code ITA/F07

ACUC - American Canadian Underwater Certifications, Recreational diver training and certification agency

AED - Associated European Divers CMAS code INT/F09

AFUS - Armenian Federation of Underwater Sports CMAS code ARM/F00 Albatros Progetto Paolo Pinto CMAS code ITA/F14

AMCQ - Association des Moniteurs de la CMAS du Quebec CMAS code CAN/F05

ANDI - American Nitrox Divers International Recreational diver training and certification agency, also ANDI International EUF CB 2005005

ANIS - Associaziona Nazionale Istruttori Subacquei CMAS code ITA/F08

APT - Antincendio Prevencione Tecnologia CMAS code ITA/F05

ASD Acqua Team CMAS code ITA/F04

ASI - Alleanza Sportiva Italiana Divisione Subacquea CMAS code ITA/F11

AUF - Australian Underwater Federation  Governing body for underwater sports in Australia CMAS code AUS/F00

AUSI - Associated Underwater Scuba Instructors (formerly Australian Underwater Scuba Instructors)

BEFOS-FEBRAS - Federation Royale Belge De Recherches et d'Activites Sous-Marines (Royal Belgian Diving Federation) CMAS code BEL/F00

Belarus Federation of Underwater Sport CMAS code BLR/F00

BNAUA - Bulgarian National Association of Underwater Activity CMAS code BUL/F01

BSAC - British Sub Aqua Club Recreational diving club, training and certification agency based in the UK EUF CB 2007001

CBPDS - Confederacao Brasiliera de Pesca e Desportos Subaquaticos CMAS code BRA/F00

CDP - Canadian Diving Program CMAS code CAN/F08

CFT - Comhairle Fo-Thuinn governing body for recreational diving and underwater hockey in Ireland (Irish Underwater Council) CMAS code IRL/F00

CFUA - Cyprus Federation of Underwater Activities CMAS code CYP/F00

CIRSS - Comitato Italiano Ricerche Studi Subaquei CMAS code ITA/F01

CMAS - Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques  International organisation for underwater activities

CMAS Baltic - CMAS Baltic Sporta Biedrtba (Latvia) CMAS code LAT/F01

CMAS-CH - CMAS Switzerland CMAS code SUI/F01

CMAS-ISA - CMAS Instructors of South Africa CMAS code RSA/F01

CRASA - Confederation Russe des Activites Subaquatiques CMAS code RUS/F00

CTUF - Chinese Taipei Underwater Federation CMAS code TPE/F01

CUA - Chinese Underwater Association CMAS code CHN/F00

DDI - Disabled Divers International EUF CB 2011003

DSF - Dansk Sports Dykker Forbund Danish Sports Divers Federation CMAS code DEN/F00, EUF CB 2005006

EAVSL - Eesti Allveeliit (Estonian Sportdivers Association) CMAS code EST/F00

ESA - ESA Worldwide CMAS code ITA/F12

EEOBV - Erste Osterreichische Berufstauchlehrer Verband

EULF - Egyptian Underwater Life savinderation CMAS code EGY/F00

FFAAS - Federacion Argentina de Actividades Subacuaticas (Argentine Underwater Federation) CMAS code ARG/F00

FADAS - Federacio Andorrana d'Activitats Subaquaticas Federacio Andorrana d'Activitats Subaquaticas CMAS code AND/F00

FFASSAS - Federation Algerienne de Sauvetage de Secourisme et des Activites Subaquatiques. CMAS code ALG/F00/li

FAS - Federatia de Activitati Subacvatice din Republica Moldava (Federation of Underwater Activities of the Republic of Moldava) CMAS code MDA/F02

FAST - Federation des Activites Subaquatiques de Tunisie CMAS code TUN/F00

FAUI - Formation of Australian Underwater Instructors (formerly National Association of Scuba Diving Schools Australasia)

FCAS - Federacion_Cubana_de_Actividades_Subacuaticas. Federacion Cubana de Actividades Subacuaticas (page does not exist)" Federacion Cubana de Actividades Subacuaticas CMAS code CUB/F00

FCVDS - Federacao Cabo Verde Desportivo Subm. Jose Maria Aquatico CMAS code CPV/F00

FEDAS - Federacion_Espanola_de_Actividades_Subacuaticas. Federacion Espanola de Actividades Subacuaticas Federacion Espanola de Actividades Subacuaticas Spanish national federation for underwater activities, affiliated to CMAS (Spain) CMAS code ESP/F00

FEDASUB - Federacion Ecuatoriana de Buceo y Actividades Subacuaticas CMAS code ECU/F00

FEDECAS - Federacion Colombiana de Actividades Subacuaticas CMAS code COL/F00

FEDEPASA - Federacion Peruana de Actividades Subacuaticas CMAS code PER/F00

FEDESUB - Federation Deportiva Nacional de Deportes Submarinos (Chile) CMAS code CHI/F00

FFESSM - Federation Francaise d'Etudes et de Sports Sous Marins  French diver training and certification agency (French Underwater Federation) CMAS code FRA/F00

Federazione Italiana Sport Acquatici CMAS code ITA/F10

FIAS - Federazione Italiana Attivita Subacquee  Italian non-profit recreational diver training organisation affiliated to CMAS CMAS code ITA/F09, EUF CB 2005004

FIPSAS - Federazione Italiana Pesca Sportiva e Attivita Subacquee CMAS code ITA/F00

FLASSA - Federation Luxembourgeoise des Activites et Sports Subaquatiques ASBL CMAS code LUX/F00

FMAS - Federation Monegasque des Activites Subaquatiques (Monaco) CMAS code MON/F00

FMAS - Federacion Mexicana de Actividades Subacuaticas A.C. CMAS code MEX/F00

FMPAS - Federation Marocaine de Plongee et Activites Subaquatiques (Moroccan Federation of Diving and Underwater Activities) CMAS code MAR/F00

FPAS - Federacao Portuguesa Actividades Subaquaticas (Portuguese Federation of Underwater Activities) CMAS code POR/F00

FSAS - Federazione Sammarinese Attivita Subacquee CMAS code SMR/F00

FSGT -Federation Sportive et Gymnique du Travail

FUAM - Federation of Underwater Activities Malta CMAS code MLT/F00

FVAS - Federacion Venezolana de Actividades Subacuaticas CMAS code VEN/F00

GUE - Global Underwater Explorers Recreational/technical scuba training and certification agency EUF CB 2013001

HSA - Handicapped Scuba Association

HFUA - Elliniki Ohospondia Ypoyrichias Drastriottas Athlitikis Alkias kai Technikis Kolymvisis (Hellenic Federation for Underwater Activities, Sportfishing and Finswimming) CMAS code GRE/F00

HKUAL - Hong Kong Underwater Association CMAS code HKG/F00

HRS - Hrvatski Ronilacki savez (Croatian Diving Federation) CMAS code CRO/F00

IAC - International Aquanautic Club EUF CB 2005001

IAHD - International Association for Handicapped Divers Non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands EUF CB 2007005

IAHD Adriatic - Mednarodno zdruzenje hendikepiranih potapljacev Adriatic (International Association for Handicapped Divers Adriatic) CMAS code SLO/F01

IANTD - International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers Recreational and technical scuba training and certification agency CMAS code INT/F01

IDA International Diving Association

IDEA - International Diving Educators Association Recreational scuba training and certification agency

IPA - International Police Association (Monaco) CMAS code INT/F11

IDSA International Diving Schools Association Organisation to develop common standards for commercial diver training

ISC - DiveISC International Scuba Certification

ISE - InnerSpace Explorers

Irish Underwater Council EUF CB 2006003

Islamic Republic of Iran Lifesaving Federation CMAS code IRI/F00

ITDA - International Technical Diving Agency -

JCIA - Japan CMAS Instructor Association CMAS code JPN/F00


JEFF - Japan Educational Facilities Federation CMAS code JPN/F02

KD Japan - Kansai Sensui Renmei (Kansai Sports Diving Federation Japan) CMAS code JPN/F05

KDP PTTK - Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno-Krajoznawcze Komisja Dzialalnosci Podw (Polish Tourist Country-Lovers Society Underwater Activity Commission) CMAS code POL/F00

KP-LOK - Komisja Pletwonurkowania LOK (Commission Diving National Defense League) CMAS code POL/F02

KSC - Kuwait Science Club CMAS code KUW/F02

KUA - Korea Underwater Association CMAS code KOR/F00

KUF - Kyrgyz Underwater Federation CMAS code KGZ/F00

KWTDIVERS - Kuwait Academy for Diving and Swimming CMAS code KUW/F01

LDA - Libyan Diving Association (Ajamiaa Alibia Lil Gaus) CMAS code LBA/F00

LIB - Lebanese Diving and Salvage Federation CMAS code LIB/F00

LTV - Liechtensteiner Tauchsport Verband (CMAS Liechtenstein) CMAS code LIE/F00

LUSF - Lietuvos Povandeninio Sporto Federacija (Lithuanian Underwater Sport Federation) CMAS code LTU/F00

LZSF - Latviejas Zemudens Sporta Federacija (Federation of Underwater Sports of Latvia) CMAS code LAT/F02

MBSz - Magyar uvar Szakszovetseg (Hungarian Divers Federation) CMAS code HUN/F00

MICRODIVE - Microdive

MDEA - Multinational Diving Educators Association

MSDA - Mauritian Scuba Diving Association CMAS code MRI/F00

MSAC - Malayan Sub Aqua Club CMAS code MAS/F00

MTES - Marine Techno Educational System diving division. CMAS code JPN/F04

MUF - Maldives Underwater Federation CMAS code MDV/F01

NADD - NADD Global Diving Agency CMAS code ITA/F03 EUF S 000513

NASE - National Academy of Scuba Educators Recreational scuba training and certification agency EUF CB 2008003

NASDS - National Association of Scuba Diving Schools

NAUI - National Association of Underwater Instructors Non-profit training and certification agency association of scuba instructors

NDF - Norges Dykkeforbund (Norwegian Diving Federation) CMAS code NOR/F00

NDL - National Dive League EUF CB 2007003

NOB - Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond National governing body for recreational diving and underwater sports in the Netherlands affiliated to CMAS (Dutch Underwater Federation) CMAS code NED/F00

NUWF - Namibia Underwater Federation CMAS code NAM/F00

PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors Recreational diver training and certification agency EUF CB 2004001

PCIA - Philippine Federation of CMAS Underwater Activities (CMAS Philippines) CMAS code PHI/F01

PDA - Professional Diving Association EUF CB 2006004

PDIC - Professional Diving Instructors Corporation International Recreational diver training and certification agency

PDSA - Professional Diving Schools Association of Malta

POSSIISSA - Persartuan Olahraga Selam Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian Subaquatic Sport Association) CMAS code INA/F00

ProTec - Professional Technical and Recreational Diving CMAS code INT/F08

PSAI Professional Scuba Association International

PSS - Professional Scuba Schools

PTA - Pure Tech Agency CMAS code INT/F07

PTRD - Professional, Technical & Recreational Diving EUF S 000786

PZPn - Polski Zwiazek Pletwonurkowania (Polish Underwater Sports Federation) CMAS code POL/F01

Ronilacki Savez Crne Gore (Diving Association of Montenegro) CMAS code MNE/F00

RAID - Rebreather Association of International Divers Recreational diver training and certification agency

RJMSF - Royal Jordanian Marine Sports Federation CMAS code JOR/F00

RUF - Russian Underwater Federation CMAS code RUS/F01

Saudi Arabia Maritime Sports Federation CMAS code KSA/F00

Savez Ronilaca Bosne I Hergegovine (Diving association of Bosnia and Herzegovina) CMAS code BIH/F00

SAA - The Sub-Aqua Association; British recreational diver training and certification organisation CMAS code GBR/F03

SEI - Scuba Educators International Recreational diver training and certification agency USOA CMAS code USA/F00

SDFS - Scuba Diver Federation of Seychelles CMAS code SEY/F00

SDI - Scuba Diving International  Recreational diver training and certification agency EUF CB 2006002

Serbian Underwater Federation CMAS code SRB/F00

SNSI - Scuba and Nitrox Safety International

SPCR - Svaz Potapecu Ceske Republikiy (Divers Association of the Czech Republic) CMAS code CZE/F00

SPZ - - Slovenska Potapljaska Zveza (Slovenian Diving Federation) CMAS code SLO/F00

SSAC -Scottish Sub Aqua Club Scottish recreational diver training and certification agency

SSDF - - Svenska Sportdykarforbundet  (Swedish Sports Diving Federation) CMAS code SWE/F00

SSI - - Scuba Schools International Recreational scuba and free diving training and certification agency! EUF CB 2005002

SUF - - Singapore Underwater Federation CMAS code SIN/F00

Sukeltajaliitto Ry (Finnish Divers Federation) CMAS code FIN/F00

SUSV - - Schweizer Unterwassersport-Verband< CMAS code SUI/F00>

Syrian Underwater Sport Federationion< CMAS code SYR/F00>

Taiwan Technical and Science Diving Associationion< CMAS code TPE/F02>

TDA - - Thailand Diving Association< CMAS code THA/F01>

TIDF - - Israeli Diving Federation Israeli recreational diver training and certification agency EUF CB 2012001

Toa Engineering Corporationion< CMAS code IMA/F00 (Marianas)

TSSF - - Turkiye Sualti Sporlari Federasyonu (Turkish Underwater Sports Federation) CMAS code TUR/F00

TVSO - Tauchsportverband Osterreichs< CMAS code AUT/F00

UEF - - Underwater Explorers' Federation< (Hungary) CMAS code HUN/F01/li>

UFUSUA - - Ukraian Federation of Underwater Sport and Underwater Activities< CMAS code UKR/F00/li>

UISP - - Union Italienne Sport Pour Tous< CMAS code ITA/F06/li>

Underwater Federation Republic of Kazakhstantan< CMAS code KAZ/F00/li>

USOA - - Underwater Society of America  American national representative organization for underwater sport. CMAS code USA/F00

UTD - - Unified Team Diving

VDST - - Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher.< CMAS code GER/F00, EUF CB 2004002

VDTL - - Verband Deutscher Tauchlehrer< EUF CB 2009001

VIT - Verband Internationaler Tauchschulen

WOSD - - World Organisation of Scuba Diving< EUF CB 2011002

ZPS-SDA - - Zvas Potapacov Slovenska (Slovak Diving Union) CMAS code SVK/F00








About ITDA

ITDA International Technical Diving Agency, are the only training and certification agency to offer; International standards in: Sports Scuba/Recreational Diving, Technical and Advanced Specialist, First-Aid and Medical Programs, plus; Occupational and Professional Diving...  Plus much more!  See about ITDA page