International Standards Compliance


ITDA Green Policies NEW from 2021 on... 

greenWe as an International Training and Certification Agency take our visitors, divers, members and professionals data-security very seriously, which is why we invest in SSL Security Certificates and also offer the ITDA Promise that "We will NOT and do NOT share information or data regarding collected information from our forms or web mail, or social media"... 

ITDA are GDPR Compliant - Link to EU GDPR site.

ITDA Standards Link Here!

Plastic Cards for Certification ID.card

We are reducing the production of our Plastic Cards for Certifications ID. And offering our e-card mailed directly to the student with a copy (if required?) to the instructor or certifying training partner...

We are offering a number of valid alternatives to having and needing or using a plastic ID. card. Such as our emailed .PDF or Jpeg card versions offering proof of certification level.

We can also still offer, where required a plastic ID card service but we are preferring and widely encouraging the acceptance and use of our e-card services.

We also have our Certification Support with who can verify ITDA Certifications that are registered with them (FREE e-log book with video etc.) And we have a new check ITDA member service link here!

ITDA Membership will be accessible from our App.   Link here to Membership...

Paper Certificates

  ITDA are offering our unique secure printed certificates in three formats.certificate

 1. As a .JPG / .PNG or as a .PDF e-mailed cert.

  2. As a download blank template for our partners

  3. As a hard copy

Any certified members that really want or need a wall certificate may recive a personal e-copy to print out for themselves...  Which is reducing costs of production and of course postage.


usbTraining Manuals & Materials (Paper)manual

  We have been breaking ground since 2008 by offering many ITDA Certification programs as .PDF manuals on USB drives and as downloads.

We are now reducing all ITDA Materials costs across the board and are focused on developing more on-line training with our partner.

Also we are also moving away from our unique USB drives, because of the use of plastics and postage, which serve to damage the environment.


Training Materials are still available from selected partners and of course from us directly.  (With Sales Commissions paid to our partners and professionals...

Travel Restrictions "Self Imposed"

  ITDA in the past has attended over 20 dive shows per yearshow around the world with support from ITDA HQ. With our dive show team of management and marketing staff attending. (Some shows we had over 20 staff attending)

 From 2020 we attended only 1 digital dive show,  At it was an interesting experience. We may look at other means of supporting our members and training partners world-wide.

To meet our "Green Travel Targets" of reducing carbon footprint impact, we are ONLY paying Management and Staff travel expenses on 100% necessary travel...

ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional
divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 


Where we send your data

Visitor comments may be checked through an automated spam detection service. We Do NOT Share any sensitive data with 3rd parties.  Our HQ servers are backed up on 3 continents and uptime average is 99.8%.

Your contact information

Your contact data is only stored with your permission and is never passed or sold / traded with third parties... We do reserve the rights to share your certification level(s), and training history including dates and limited personal data.  With our training partners and other interested parties for the purpose of confirming your status with us. We DO NOT Include your Date of Birth or Address.

Additional information

For your information.  ITDA Promise that "We will NOT and do NOT share information or data regarding collected information from our forms, stored on our database or web mail, or social media"...  We operate a strict compliance policy with the UK ICO Data protection and the GDPR from the EU. Also compliant with International standards.

How we protect your data

ITDA Severs have security software and cloud servers are private DNS clusters and not shared with others. Plus all personal data is encrypted.

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data

We may from time to time make inquires about our instructors / professionals who are crossing over to us from another agency, we will contact your agency for a status report and to check that there are no outstanding issues with standards and to verify certification / qualifications before processing professional appointments.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

We have an obligation to any inquiry from a diving professional, training center or dive shop to offer confirmation details of your date of certification and level certified to, along with name and email for ID verification purposes. (If you are a paid ITDA Member we can include your e-card with photo ID.)

We highly recommend using to register / save your ITDA Certifications which makes the data and your logbook public or you can protect it.... Social Media may NOT be as secure...  Take advice before giving out personal data to anyone!  Protect your ID from those that may misuse it!

You may also search our members live Online engine for a Status Check, Including: Name, Certification Level and Date certified...  Please use this link here!