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A new and rewarding idea for our friends, divers and professionals to save money and obtain high value ITDA Branded Goods, Training Materials or membership credits - You make the referral and we do the rest...   

Plus bonus options and offers from ITDA Training partners.



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ITDA Rewards for Referrals Programs


ITDA have created a unique new system for rewarding our friends, associates and members for referring divers, students and professionals at all levels.

What are rewards for referrals?

Very simply this is a system whereby we can offer a credit or ITDA Branded Goods, training materials, upgrades and with a real monetary value. 

ITDA Unique Signature Tee's...

How does it work?

It is just a quid pro quo process, whereby any diver or professional (ITDA or any other agency) can recommend friends, family and associates to us for a diving or IHMP First Aid course program and on completion of a certification program. The person making the referral will receive a reward / gift / prize etc.   ITDA Branded Goods vouchers, or Training Vouchers which ever they prefer... voucher

For a real value of $$$ From $10 USD to $50 USD. Vouchers - Depending on the course program level... For example a referral for an ITDA Experience Program would be worth $10 USD. An Open Water Diver referral would be $20 and a referral for a leadership level of Instructor Training would be $50 USD...

To apply for a referral credit simply give us the name and ITDA or IHMP course program they are taking or have booked and where? With which ITDA instructor?

Or the student can simply make a referral request to an ITDA Professional or Leadership level or IHMP Instructor to request a referral of a friend, family member or associate. And they may apply for you to ITDA HQ...

When they (the referral or referred person(s)) make a deposit or pay for their ITDAmembers course, which is confirmed by the ITDA Professional. On the successful completion of the course, after graduation they will be emailed their voucher...  This is simply a process of sending an email with the details as requested.


The referred person(s) must be happy to receive email information for marketing purposes from ITDA Membership / Marketing Departments. And only one voucher per application with the value decided by ITDA HQ based on the course program.

 If an ITDA Graduate joins ITDA as a member within their first year after graduating both they and the referring ITDA Professional will receive a credit/voucher!

In all cases packaging and shipping is at cost to the receiver...  Vouchers are at face value and cannot be exchanged or details changed.

Credits may include: Discounts and or commissions on membership services etc. etc.








About ITDA

ITDA International Technical Diving Agency, are the only training and certification agency to offer; International standards in: Sports Scuba/Recreational Diving, Technical and Advanced Specialist, First-Aid and Medical Programs, plus; Occupational and Professional Diving...  Plus much more! 

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