Crossover Registration Form / Applicationcrossover

This online form is your application for registration to crossover to ITDA from your existing agency...

Please complete all questions and check the agreement box to demonstrate that you are happy to progress your application. You need only to pay a small deposit for us to complete our administration process just $25 USD fee.

non-refundable to reduce time wasters and help towards our operation costs and expenses or you may choose to pay the monthly subscription with added benefits of 1 included certification per month... And additional discounts on student materials...

NO CROSSOVER FEES and no renewal fees for 2021

Simply pay just $20 USD per month professional membership subscription and receive 1 diver or first aid certification value of $25 USD per month - Therefore if you only certify 1 student a month, It costs you nothing for your membership of ITDA...

Note:  if you take the monthly subscription you do NOT need to pay the Admin Fee of $25 USD  pay only the $20 subscription below:



Monthly Subscriptions will also include your ITDA Instructor Manual (Value $129) as an e-book, e-mailed to you on receipt of cleared funds from paypal...

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Instructor Fees / Levels for Crossovers

  • Scuba Instructor / Open Water from FREE! (or just $20 USD per month with 1 Certification per month included value $25 We are practically pay you...)
  • Advanced Instructor / Specialist Instructor from FREE
  • Master Instructor / Instructor Trainer / (STAFF INSTR) from FREE
  • Trainer Assesor Upgrade  or Trainer Designate Crossover from IDC Staff or equal: Reduced to $99.00 USD.
  • Course Director Assessor from $499.00

Crossover professionals may also upgrade based on previous proven experience, for example IDC Staff Instructors may upgrade to Trainer status and complete our Trainer Assessor On-line Course at 70% Discount...


Pay the $20 per month Subscription and start today...  We will process your crossover for FREE!

NO Renewal FEES...deep

Monthly Fees Include:
  • Low cost online courses (Up to 70% Discounts) and e-materials from ITDA Academy
  • Excellent Discounts on Student Materials for all levels you are authorised to certify / FREE Updates
  • ITDA materials fees INCLUDE the certification Fee as well (Pay once and no extra to pay)
  • Discounts on Instructor / Trainer Materials / FREE Updates
  • Course Director Includes all materials for the levels you are authorised to train / FREE Updates

Schools, Training Facilities and Dive Shops /strongNeed only to register once and NO ANNUAL FEES EVER AGAIN... Intital Registration is from just $299 USD. "For Training Facilities",  Depending on the nature and level of memebership?... This will include 1 Professional Renewal or Crossover as well... Or you take our Monthly Subscription fee of just $29 USD per month.

 Providing you are meeting our minimum agreement limits for certifications issued with materials packs sold... These are simply 10 Certifications per month for a minimum of 10 months, or 100 Certifications in a 12 month period...  Very easy numbers for most facilities or we can also make an agreement based on other factors...

Affilliate level from just $299.00 (25% Discount) Diver & First Aid Training

Associate Level $329 (33% Discount) Leadership & Professional Levels

Pro-Tech Premium Level $599 (50% Discount) Technical Professional & Instructor Training (All)


Join Us Now and NO RENEWALS EVER....

To request a paypal invoice, ask any questions or to make a payment please email us at


ITDA has in place a due process which follows the steps below:

  • Check verify your Identity
  • Check / Verify your certification level
  • Check / Verify your diving, training certifications and experience
  • Check with your agency that you are in good standing with no violations outstanding
  • Insurance where required by law or as an elective with DAN (recommended)

After we have processed your application a decision will be made by our membership board as to issuing your ITDA ID and training materials or if we need to ask some further questions or recommend the need for a trainer assessment or short course attendance... We may also require a short facetime or other internet communication.

Payment Process  cardpay

Deposit of just $25 USD Maybe paid here:   This $25 will be credited back / discounted to your registration fee based on your level...



 Full payment will not be required until we have completed the due process above. We will send you a paypal invoice for the application at your level and after payment is received an e-cert ID card and wall certificate will be posted by email to your address as given in the application.

Application / Registration Form:

  • Registration Form for Admin Crossover

  • Application to register for recognition as an ITDA Professional for 2020/21 Season



ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.