PayPal Page for Payments - Silver Pro level $20

Instructors from other agencies may also benefit from this this but will need to complete a crossover program or administration crossover with ITDA HQ… Non-ITDA Dive Professionals can register for just $130 USD. When your application has been processed we will send you a PayPal Invocie for payment of ITDA Pro-Package. Previously valued at $249 USD...   Student materials are available for a small fee... With excellent margins from 15% to 33% and are great value for money!  Online link:

Instructor Levels / Assessors (Silver Pro-Level $20 Subs)

 In the case of our Instructor levels you may now subscribe just $20 USD per month subscription to enjoy the benefits of a minimum of x2 e-certifications - Including the e-materials for the level, per month to students at a value of up to $25 USD each, offering an actual value of $50 USD off from Open Water and Specialist levels.

IHMP First-Aid will also be included in this program.  Certifications maybe accumulated / saved over the subscription period.  This 2x$25 USD amount will be deducted from any Certifications, therefore / for example if you certify an Open Water Diver the list price for the e-cert and e-materials are $59.99 USD... You pay only $9.99 USD for the e-Cert...    All Pro levels MUST complete the ITDA Annual Renewal Form Link Here!



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