advancedAdvanced Rescue Diver Program

ITDA Offers more theory, more training dives and more realistic rescue experiences in these programs than any other training and certification agency... Plus a clear choice of options based on the divers requirements and sense of adventure... 

ITDA now includes Rescue Theory and Skills in our Open Water Programs to the same standards as most agencies would certify "Rescue Diver"... 

We also have here our "Advanced Rescue", Professional Rescue / PSD Public Safety Diver and Aquatic Rescue (Surface Rescue for non-divers)...

rescueITDA Difference!

We also include: Deep Rescue and Recovery skills from the depth that nost divers are certified to 20m/ 30m/100ft. or to a maximum of 40m/132ft. (The Advanced diving sports limit for Most agencies) 

ITDA Offer the following Rescue Diver Training and Certification Programs to Industry and International Standards.

These Rescue Programs will push you to your physical and mental limits, with skills that can save your life and others in a diving emergency...

ITDA Rescue & Rescue Diving Programs Four (4) levels are:rescue_2

1. Sports Rescue Diver Program. You will learn about self rescue, seamanship and water survival skills, Buddy rescue, Diver Lifts from depth, conscious and unconscious. Surface Rescue and panic diver control... Plus IHMP Oxygen First-Aid is included.

Link to Rescue Scuba Diver.

2. Advanced Rescue Diver.  You will extend your current knowledge of rescue skills to include: Advanced Life Support, (2+ Multiple Persons) rescue and advanced rescue with advanced life saving techniques and exercises. (May involve deeper diving & Decompression stop(s) with injured diver.)

  • This is simply an extension of the sports rescue program to deeper depths and more rescue skills, plus Advanced Life Support.  Contact us for further detailsrescue

3. Aquatic Rescue Program. which is designed for Life Guards, Resort Staff and anyone who may need to safely conduct a water rescue who is NOT a professional and needs only surface rescue skills and first aid for aquatic injuries from drowning to marine life injuries.  

See ITDA/IHM Aquatic Rescue

Professional Rescuer. & (Public Service Rescue Diver). Fire Service, Police, Coast Guard and Military. Search & Rescue above and below water, Command and Control - Managing a Sea Rescue Operation - Co-ordinating Rescue Diver Teams. Wreck Rescue - Overhead Environment - Cave Rescue and much more...  See Professional Rescuecomms

4. Technical Diving Rescue - Highly specialist rescue skills designed for unique situations requiring rescue from; CAVE / BEACH FLOODING / OVERHEAD ENVIRONMENTS... etc.  Requiring specialist equipment, full faced masks or helmets for communications, ROV's and specialist surface support... Local emergency services may also be involved... Plus PPE. (Personal Protection Equipment.)

Sports Scuba Rescue Diver

dvrMost people think about completing rescue training simply because it is on the path to becoming a dive leader or Instructor... And some agencies do not promote rescue diving until after advanced diver.

ITDA Offer Rescue Skills training in all of our sports scuba diving training programs from Open Water Diver and we offer rescue and advanced rescue before advanced training levels can be achieved...

We are also offering IHMP First-Aid and Medical training and Hyperbaric Training.

Whoever you are and whatever your training level and experience, rescue diver can change your diving style and habits for the better and make you a safer diving buddy and more self-reliant as a diver....

Why Take ITDA Rescue Diver?

Simply because we offer you a better training package deal, Higher training and certification standards, and ultimately more training, more dives and more theory, usually for not much more then any other agency rescue training prices.

This means better value for money from ITDA...

Divers from any agency may crossover to us from Open Water or Equal levels and take our Rescue Diver Program.

 ITDA Training Materials On-line, Instant download...

See link here to add Search and Recovery Diver to the Rescue Course Program to Make "Professional Rescue Diver"... To develop onto the PSD Public Safety Diver Program...


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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.




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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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