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flagITDA History

The ITDA "International Technical Diving Agency" were born from the ETDA "European Technical Diving Agency"...  Established in the Canary Islands back in 1998 as ITDA Group SCP... And in 2000 became a UK Company.


Why start another agency? steve

Back in 1998 many agencies were moving away from the comprehensive training and education in diving to a fast track system, reducing both the theory required and the skills training. A typical "Open Water Diver Certification" would take between 7 and 10 days with a minimum of 10 Open Water Dives and included decompression theory.

ITDA Founders Steve and Georgina.

Therefore the ETDA / ITDA were created to be "Education and Safety" driven and not market driven like the larger popular agencies...

scubaWith more theory, more class-work, more skills training and assessments and more dives. 6-8 dives for ITDA as opposed to the normal 4 dives required by many agencies to certify as "Open Water Diver", with little or no knowledge of decompression theory or diving safety and risk assessments... 

The ITDA mantra is "SAFER DIVING" and more "EDUCATION".... This is the primary reason why we started the ITDA.  And we still hold these values at the heart of all ITDA training and education...




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