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This form is for Instructors or ITDA Registered Profesionals to issued HQ Certifications for ITDA and IHMP, Sports Scuba, Non-Diving and IHMP First-Aid to ITDA/IHMP Students worldwide....

This is a NEW Service and has been expanded to include "POOL TRAINING"... Catorgories that qualify for FREE e-Certification are as follows:
  • Entry Level Scuba "Introduction to Scuba Diving" Minimum of training +1 dive.

  • Day Courses - Snorkel and Scuba Experience. Minimum of training +1 dive +1 Snorkel

  • Pool Experience - Pool Diver Minimum of 2 Pool try out session, training +Pool Dives

    How does it work? (Terms)entrylevel

    Very simply all you need to do is to "Register" your details below about which course level you would like to receive an e-certificate for your training and diver or diver and snorkelling experience...  When we receive the completed registration, we will email you the .PDF workbook or manual FOR FREE!...

    In return we ask only that we can send you information for a minimum period of three months.  You may unsubscribe at any time! We will send only 1 newsletter per month...  That's it!  We DO NOT share or sell information to 3rd parties. Your data is kept, only within the ITDA Group International network.  We may introduce courses or training offers from ITDA Professionals from time to time and ITDA HQ unique offers... We will need to also obtain from your instructor email confirmation of your completion of the experience program in order to meet our very high standards...

    NOTE: The completion of this form and request for free materials represents acceptance of the terms above...  See our Downloads Page Link Here!

    Scuba Introduction to Diving Link - Day Courses Link - Entry Level Scuba Diving Link - Diving Log Book Link


Please remember to complete ALL required fields.... Especially;  Photo for ID and Name / Address and email.... diverexperience

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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, from beginner to advanced, leadrship and technical, training professional divers, from leadership to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.