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ii-crdEven our most basic level of training experience program is a "Certification Level" in having obtained an experience in Scuba Diving with recognition for the theory studied and the diving experience with basic safety skills under professional supervision. Limited to supervised diving only to a maximum depth of 12m/40ft. NEWS FLASH - This program as an e-certification is NOW ONLY $10!  - YES -  $10!  Absolutely great price!....

To take advantage of this all you need to do is register for the materials by using our membership link... You can complete the CRA (Certification, Registration and Application) Form at lower of page..



NEWS - 2021 Introduction to Scuba now available: Link here!

Day Course Programs 

dvrsTERMS: Please be aware that the FREE registration and FREE Certification e-card is subject to us storing your details in order to promote from time to time our courses and travel packages from our ITDA group businesses... We have a very strict No-Spam policy and we never share your information or sell lists to 3rd parties. 

SSE  Snorkel and  Scuba Experience SSE is our unique Snorkel, Scuba Experience program (SSE), designed for resort environments and busy holiday makers who may have limited time but who want to enjoy these exciting water sports...

Many dive centers and instructors from many agencies offer "Experience ONLY Scuba Programs", but offer No certification or even recognition for your time and money...

We are very different!   We NOW Offer the Workbook that was $19.99 and an e-certification also for Just $10 USD  With an optional paid plastic secure ID card and wall certificate, valid for 2 years to upgrade to Open Water Scuba Diver.   You may dive under supervision (Leadership level) on shallow dive tours... Download Day Course FREE .PDF Materials Here! and then Register for your $10 Application form below bottom of page!  You can pay here or below page... Directly and securely via PayPal....

What are Day Courses?diver

scubaSnorkel and Scuba Programs 

Snorkel and Scuba Experience Programs are designed for those people on holiday / Vacation who may not be 100% sure that they want to learn to dive, but would like to try it. Maybe just to see what it is all about!

The day is planned as a full or half fun day excursion, with water activites including: Learning to Snorkel properly with Instruction from TOP Dive Industry Professionals. ITDA Dive Leaders and Snorkel Instructors, and ITDA Open Water Professionals...

Plus the opportunity to try-scuba diving under the supervision of International Scuba Instructors, with the added bonus that your time and experience result in an strongEntry Level Certification... Valid for two years to upgrade to a full certifcation to become a diver.

  ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.id_card

scuba_cardApply Here for your Photo ID Card for just $25 Including postage, or add a wall certificate for just $10.00 plus postage at $3.50 USD and also get your upgrade materials for ITDA Open Water Course Program...
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Link to Experience Program Course online....  45 min to 1 hr. Full Course..

Application Form here below:


ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.


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The ITDA are focused on higher quality training and have created a unique assessment and skills evaluation process based on our step system, building student knowledge and skills slowly (At a pace for the student!).

We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded.  98% of our programs are pass first time...

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