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ITDA bring you a new training and learning experience with our NEW Workshop programs from 2020... The first workshop program is our unique crossover professional program from 2 to 3 days... Plus a New ITDA Trainer Assessor Upgrade Program also 2-3 days... Available from ITDA Group HQ in Europe but we are moving the training around to include: ITDA Asia and Middle-East... and in late 2020 the USA region...

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Due to the demand in our industry for better business practices and more business development, with a strong focus on new business i.e. getting divers to take day courses or scuba introduction programs, then selling and marketing upgrades like our "Open Water Diver" and "Open Water Plus Diver programs". 

Then it's the upgrade to more adventure with advanced and specialist diving programs.  Building on previous experience and interests...  Then we have the Leadership and Professional Programs...crossovers

Many training facilities management and owners are often too busy to think about training in sales and marketing, while the benefits maybe obvious to many, running a dive business can be all consuming and we know because we have been there and done that! Just ask yourself these basic questions and see what beels ring in your head?

  • Are you making enough money to expand your business?
  • Do you have no competition?
  • Would you like to reduce competition and not drop prices or service quality?
  • Are you worried or concerned about New business development?
  • Do you have too many inquiries?
  • Are you or your staff involved in active training sessions with a professional?
  • Do you feel comfortable with understanding all the options to use social media as a marketing tool?
  • Do you think or feel that you maybe missing opportunities?
  • Are you working with multiple agencies?

We understand the diving business worldwide and our trainer assessors have over 40 years experienceshow covering every aspect of the industry; Retail Sales, Local, National and International Marketing, New Business Development and Customer Retention programs with expansion into: Training, Equipment Sales, Travel, Integrated packages and bespoke / custom services.  Plus IT sales and marketing to help you save money and make you hard earned money go further...  "If you are no moving forwards with your business then you are standing still".  This means your competitors may take advantage...  We have worked with all the major agencies, sports scuba and technical, so we can also offer a cross agency view to the markets...

Workshop Programs and costs

  • One Day Workshop "How to Develop New Business and Increase Sales" from €225
  • One Day Workshop "Understanding the principles of Market Forces and using Social Media" €175
  • One Day Workshop "Promoting your business to win new business, Advertising Locally" €225
  • Two (2) Day Workshop - Retail Sales and Marketing, Courses,Services and Equipment €299
  • Two (2) Day Workshop - "Sales, Retail and Marketing Management". €299
  • Two (2) Day Workshop - Recruiting Staff and Keeping them / Staff Motivation & Development €299

Bespoke programs maybe put together for larger clients who feel that their staff and management can really benefits from professional sales and marketing training and development.

Training modules include:

Practice and Principles of Selling - Sales "How to Sell", Buyer Beware! - Marketing basics - Social Media Development - using your website to gain sales - Dive Shows and Locall Marketing - How to use advertising tools for FREE! - No-Competition Principle - Winning Business with benefits not pricing - Introduction to Sales Mangement, Marketing for dive professionals, Expanding your business, getting more from your customers, Referrals and Customer Marketing, CRM Customer Relations Management processes and software options, Club Diving benefits. Driving Social Media...  Marketing Management and Retail Management - Change Management. Health and Safety Managments - Risk Management and Development - Standards and Operations Procedures Development.  Compliance with standards and regulations...  The future of the Diving Industry... Using Dive Shows to make money - Dive Show Management.

Training can be organised at your convenience i.e. Your premises and can also be arranged "Out of Hours" to maximise your working time... Or in a hotel or resort... Course Workshops can also be organised as Web seminars or Podcasts etc. And personalised for your Company. A minimum of just 4 candidates plus out of pocket direct expenses for travel etc.

Courses maybe in Malaga, Spain. UK or Regionally in Asia (Singapore or Hong Kong)  and ITDA Trainers may obtain the Assessor Rating and run these programs locally around the world.

Two or three day workshops are residential programs, so hotels / resorts and travel costs must be accounted for... We can obtain discounts and advanced budget / costs in full... As a package.


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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.



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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.  Divepro Franchise link