deepTechnical Specialist Certifications

ITDA Technical Specialist Diver has three (3) Distinct levels: Level 1 (Basic Skills - Introduction) and Level 2 Intermediate Technical Specialist Diver Certification. And we now offer our "Unique" Advanced Specialist Certifications, giving Technical Specialist divers recognition for their advanced status in theory and diving skills, and much greater experience. Please NOTE: 20 Open Water Dives experience are required for Specialist Diver Level 2. and above...  

ITDA Advanced Technical Specialist Diver (Level 3) may have as many as 12 dives minimum to 20+ in the specialist subject area, and up to 40+ hours of theory, plus assignments and Instructor led projects...

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Who may Certify this Technical Specialist Level Certification?deco

ITDA Technical Instructors or Specialist Technical Instructors, may train and certify the Levels as authorised by ITDA Group HQ. However the Technical Advanced Specialist / Level 3 Programs may ONLY be certified by ITDA Technical Advanced Specialist Instructors with unique specailist skills, knowledge and experience in the specailist area.  Instructors may now also take the assessor workshop and then they may add the ITDA Academy Certificate in Diving (Specialist) and Diploma program....   see ITDA Academy link

ITDA Specialist Diving Subject Areas / Specialist Fields Include:

Because ITDA are also a Technical Training Agency we can offer those scuba divers, who are pre-qualified by; Certification, Training and Experience to "UPGRADE" from our Sports Scuba levels a direct path to our technical levels... So they do not have to find a another agency or Instructor (As many ITDA Instructors are also technical or may take upgrade professional courses with us to graduate as Technical)

ITDA Technical Training Programs

  • evoNtech Nitrox (Bronze)
  • Side Mount & Advanced Cylinder Configuration
  • Advanced Ntech (Bronze - Silver - Gold)
  • Decompression Diving - Physics and Physiology (Theory Modules)
  • Cave Diving
  • ICE Diving
  • Deep Diving / Extended Range / Staged Deco Diving
  • Entry Level Trimix - Ttech Trimix Diver - Advanced Trimix Diver
  • Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Diver - Advanced CCR and Mixed Gas CCR
    • Submatix - AP Diving (Inspiration and Evolution) - Hammerhead and (CCR Generic)
  • Gas Blender Nitrox / Trimix Blender
  • Technical Wreck / Mixed-Gas Wreck Diving
  • Technical Rescue Specialist - Cave Rescue - Wreck Rescue - Rescue & Recovery
  • Technical Specialist

Plus ITDA Technical divers may take any of our Sports Scuba Diving and Specialist recreational programs from their ITDA Technical Instructors...

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