ITDA Scuba Open Water Diver+ (Plus)

This level is our First International Diving Certification for diving without supervision to ANSI/EN and ISO Standards. However we do recommend a minimum of 10 dives under supervision to gain the right level of experience to feel totally comfortable...

With this in mind we have created the Plus+ Program offering you up to 3 Specialist Level 1 Certifications, to have more fun, while gaining more vital  diving experience and getting 3 extra certifications...  Great for our card collectors and those wishing to upgrade / progress to higher levels...

flyingHave Even More Fun - Open Water Diving!

Scuba diving is mostly about having fun, but we must stress that there needs to be caution exercised as the marine environment for us, as human beings requires us to use "Life Support Equipment", SCUBA "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and to exercise caution over what we do and touch underwater...  Our Open Water Plus+ Program is much more!

As there may be hazards and minor dangers, and its our job to see that your experience is as safe as possible and that's why we operate higher safety standards for your protection.  See Our Standards Page for full details

About Scuba Open Water Plus+scuba_diver

Unique ITDA Difference from other training agencies...

This unique ITDA Group International Training and Certification Program was designed and produced for those people who want to learn to dive safely in a resort environment and who do not want to take up their valuable vacation or holiday time reading books on dive theory and spending hours in the hotel pool playing with scuba equipment... We get you into the water in around 30 minutes... And learning skills rapidly...

The ITDA Scuba Open Water Diver Certification is a full Open Water Certification to dive to 20m/66ft. and recommended supervised diving up to ten (10) open water dives... In order to gain the experience needed to be a safe competent diver, however ITDA certified divers may dive unsupervised...  The plus+ program is just simply adding more dives (Up to 3-4) with skills objectives on each dive... Making getting the plus certification even more fun. The basic Open Water program is the same as our "Scuba Open Water Diver"... But adding more dives and therefore more experience...

We also recommend that if you do NOT dive for a long period, you should be happy to take a short assessment dive under supervision before attempting to dive...rib

How to Certify Open Water Plus+

More Skills and Theory Required

Rescue Self and Buddy from depth 20m/66ft.

From 2 to 5 Introduction Level 1 Specialist diver certifications

Decompression Theory

8 to 10 Scuba Dives

CPR First-Aid (Certification)

Flexible and Progressivedvrs

Upgrade available to Advanced

Dry Suit maybe included

About the Course Program

Core Skills Required, Plus, we have added the option for the ITDA Instructor to offer as much flexibility as possible by expanding on basic skills for the Open Water Level, with surface rescue and rescue from depth... And Introduction to specialist diving level 1, with from 2 to 5 Level 1. Certifications. Plus, equipment exchange and switching / fixing fin strap and mask strap problems shallow and at depth.

In addition, if the student requires advanced scuba diver as a certification level they MUST include: Deep x2 dives and Navigation Specialist x2 dives. The other 3 Specialist levels maybe electives i.e. student and instructor decide. 

From our level 1. Specialist Level 1.Link

Specialist Diving Certifications available at this Level:

Buoyancy Control and Gas Management - Cold Water (Dry Suit) Diving. gina_dry-suitOverhead Environments (Caven Diving - Wreck Diving - ICE Diving) - Deep Diving (Decompression) - Side Mount - Sports Nitrox - Rebreather Training (Semi Closed SCR & Closed Circuit CCR to 30m/100ft+) - Research & Scientific Diving - Rescue - DPV and ROV - Search & Recovery - Marine Life - Reef Fish ID - Shark Diving. - Navigation - Night Diving - Equipment - Dive Planning - Twinset Diving - UW Photography / UW Video - SMB Deployment - Computer Diver (Cosmiq+) - SMB (Surface Marker Buoy use)...

Instructors may also apply to ITDA HQ to add / include IAP (Instructor Authored Programs) with HQ setting minimum standards, ITDA Curriculum and safe training requirements based on the risk factor at this level. 

Plus adding CPR First-Aid Certification from IHMP valid for 2 years to ERC European Resuscitation Standards. And Oxygen first-aid maybe offered as an additional certification level. Total dives for the Advanced Level

Academic requirements remain the same as for the Open Water Diver program, plus; Theory for each specialist level to be included Decompression Theory New Safer Diving Presentation Theory requirements for CPR First-Aid

ITDA Club Diving - Club Divers and ITDA Club International may also have full access to the NEW Scuba Open Water Plus+ Program.

Benefits to the Student/Diver:

  • More Training and more certifications▪club

  • Saving Time and Money later▪

  • Gaining additional safer skills levels▪

  • Option to become an Advanced Scuba Diver▪

  • Upgrade to next L2 Specialist Diver

Benefits to Instructors:

  • More flexible options to offer students ▪

  • More Income opportunity from Open Water▪

  • Customer retention programs▪

  • Added Value against competition▪

Who can train and Certify OW+

Any current ITDA Scuba Open Water Instructor with at least 5 Specialist instructor ratings can train and certify this program. We also welcome OW Instructors from other agencies. See ITDA Crossover / Work with us... About ITDA Membership


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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.


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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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