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To Help use your time wisely...

During this period of uncertain time around the world!  Now YOU can download materials for self-study and certifications...  Just request by mail here!

ITDA Stimulus Covid-19 Package for 2021 "To help and assist" all our professional members worldwide there will be ZERO ITDA Professional Fees to be paid for renewal year 2021 - YES NO RENEWAL FEES!  2021 Training  Agreements will still need to be in place also, our standards agreement and if required by law your professional liability insurance. DAN is highly recommended...

covid19This little BUG will NOT stop Divers and Professionals from learning, saving money, developing income & much more with ITDA!

With COVID-19 Disrupting the whole World, with lock downs and isolation...  We can offer you some interesting flexible options!  

You can learn more about diving theory and may use academic studies from our unique ITDA Academy until you can dive again and with these options gain valuable certifications, towards higher levels... 

NEW DEVELOPMENT APRIL 2020 - Please contact / regsiter with ITDA HQ at for FULL CREDIT / NO Renewal Fees for 2021.... If you have paid a renewal for 2020 regardless of the number of Students trained / certified in 2020 due to the virus... We are giving our professionals and crossovers help to recover with the opportunity to register before October 31st 2020.

For  FULL Renewal credit for 2021 YOU pay nothing for 2021...  Just email HQ with this CODE: COVID19/21  And you will recieve a unique registration link for 2021. To be active from Oct.31st 2020 to Oct 31st 2022... 

We are offering FREE Crossover, with NO Renewal FEES plus a bonus...


Divers and Professionals from any agency can take advantage of this Forced Downtime with many of you confined to homes and with limited access to the Sport we love!  In Conjunction with ITDA Academy and ITDA Group International.

 We have come up with a great and extra special low-cost, option for divers and professionals from any agencies to develop your knowledge about diving and learn more about the following subjects with downloadable materials and on-line quizzes to assess your knowledge and issue e-certifications. cert_diving

Make the most of your time

While the Corona Virus COVID-19 has disrupted the global travel and tourism industry and in turn our diving industry. 

Benefits of Online Training

We have created a new low-cost series of online training including a FREE experience scuba diving level   With FREE e-certification, We have given a NEW DISCOUNT Level to 70% on many programs... 

  • You do not need to risk classroom teaching

  • You can focus on your business development

  • You reduce risks by only needing to complete the in-water training

Our new price structure make ITDA the most competitive in the industry...

Quizzes on-line and self-study materials to keep you busy 

Many regions / Countries are on lock down, we can offer Diving Theory Education & id-cardCertification via Internet / Download, with online and off-line options.  Certificates are printed on secure card with ITDA embossed seal and colour anti-copying features...

Our ID Cards have a holographic 3D seal for security..diploma


Professional Education

Instructors may also take this opportunity to expand their knowledge and teaching skills with our ITDA Academy programs with both certificate & diploma levels available in diving education.

 Some of our current programs that are now on special offer at this uncertain time.

NOTE: Diver Training levels are two-part programs requiring skills, in water assessment and evaluation by an ITDA Professional will be required for full certification.   However many "SPECIALIST" programs and certifications  requiring theory lessons are now available as "Academic Modules" which may be certified on a module by module basis or by class lessons taught online and by passing the quiz / exam for that subject...

Courses on OFFER include:

SPECIAL PRICING THIS PERIOD up to 70% Discount "Modules normally from $19 to $299 USD"...


  • Experience Scuba Diving Theory for anyone Interested in Trying Diving... Course is FREE!


  • Safer Diving (Excellent for any divers needing a refresher) ONLY $10 USD with Quiz and e-certificate
    • Covers all aspects of making SAFER divers, Risk Assessment, Knowledge Assessment and Full review


  • Buoyancy and Gas Management module just $19. USD.
    • Learn how to trim your weights, save air, and feel more COMFORTABLE diving, this is a must course for newly certified divers from any agency, you will learn many very useful tips and tricks from professionals...


Pay directly on-line to get your download link... Only $45 USD....Learning materials and e-certificate below:

  • Certificate in Diving $49 (Divers) and Certificate in Diving Education (Leadership) $79 with e-certificate
    • Covering; Equipment, Dive Theory, Risks, Physiology and Dive Planning, Leadership includes diving education
  • Now Available as pre-order at a Very speccial discount price of $49 USD Normally it would be $125.00


Pay directly on-line to get your download link... Only $79 USD....180 Days of access to the materials. CERTIFICATE in DIVING EDUCATION (Leadership Levels) Was $169.00 Below: 

  • Diploma in Diving and Diploma in Diving Education (Pro-Levels) with e-certificate and hard copy cert with syllabus
    • Diploma as recognition of equal academic achievements based on studies and experience as assessed.
    • Pre Order and save $90 USD.


  • Decompression Deep Diver Theory Module from just $24.99 USD Was $59.99 Save $35 USD.
    • Discover the nature of "Decompression Diving" with this program

Pay directly on-line to get your Diving Physics Certificate Program download link... Was $45 USD....Save $26 Below:

  • Diving Physics Theory Module from just $19 USD
    • Physics as applied to diving and the natural world of diving

Program in Development

Pay directly on-line to get your Diving Physics Certificate Program download link... Was $45 USD....Save $26 Below:

  • Diving Physiology Theory Module from just $19 USD
    • Physiology as applied to diving and effects on us as humans

Program in Development

Pay directly on-line to get your Diving Physiology Certificate Program download link... Only $45 USD....Save $26 Below:

  • Dive Planning Theory Module from just $19 USD
    • Understanding the planning process and creating dive plans

Pay directly on-line to get your Certificate in Dive Planning Program download link... Only $45 USD.... Below:

  • BLS (Basic Life Support) & Oxygen First Aid (Requires a practical assessment with O2 and CPR) With an IHMP Instructor from $85 USD with e-certification and quiz...
    • A full understanding of Anatomy and Human Physiology, with primary and secondary assessments and more...

Pay directly on-line to get your Certificate in BLS / Oxygen Program download link..Was $75 USD....SAVE $51 USD Below:

ITDA Open Water Instructor Guide / Manual (All Instructor Level theory) with exam from $199 USD previously just  to take the Pro-ITP Exam on-line was $99 Including registration and admin fees for $149 USD....  Online Pro Theory Course, Normally $699.00  NOW AT 70%+ Discount! - Plus The Diploma in Diving Education is Now also Included...  Pre-order $199

Any agency leadership level may NOW purchase our International Open Water Instructor manual and pre-Instructor training quiz.assessor

NEW Professionals on-line Assessors Course was $349.00 NOW JUST $99 USD. SAVE $250 USD pay online... or mail us for 0% interest Free payments over 2 to 3 months...

Instructor Assessor and Trainer Assessor are both available to diving professionals from any agency...

Assessor Programs Cover:  Foundation Program, Basics of Assessing Skills and Academic levels to specific standards.  Assessing Risks in Training, Developing Learning skills and the assessment and evaluation process to award certifications and qualifications in diving... And a teaching diploma.

Take advantage of our very generous offers NOW as it will end by May 30th. 2021  Improve your dive knowledge and education.  With a certificate or a Diploma as recognition for your academic acheivements.... Or as dive professionals and leadership levels may be certified as "Educational / Training Assessors" a step towards qualifications in higher education...

How does it work?

How to book a program?  Just pay online for your program and materials and instructions will be mailed to you... Or...  See


Just email us at and tell us how you would like to pay? And we can set up a link for you once we can confirm your email address and payment is received...  Just simply send us an email and we do the rest...

Payments  up to $50 USD is required in full... Over $50 to $1000+ maybe in three to 6 payments...  Certifications are issued on completion of quizzes, assessments and receipt of fund balance totals... 

Thank You!

webPage is in development and more information is available from if you have an urgent inquiry...

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